Watch “The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor” on YouTube

In this video , the young man , who has studied at Harvard university , says that it is not necessarily working harder and meeting certain goals successfully that makes you happy because there would be more to always get or achieve . You always want a better job , more income, a better school or university , and higher achievements .

He says that it is more the other way around . Raising your level of happiness through, for instance , things like acts of kindness , meditation, excercises , mentioning things you are grateful for , definitely helps you be more creative , more productive , more resilient and healthier . They have found out that the happier employees become from the inside and the more positively they interpret things , the more successful they become . He says that the external world does not play a great role in your joy but true joy is more from within you .You could change your habbits that ripple out to change your results .By the way, Wayne Dyer once said that success is not necassarily about working harder or achieving finacial rewards or higher positions but also about being finding happiness …Yes , work life balance is necassary and doing what you love wholheartedly make you happier , more fulfilled and wealthier…

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