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Both joy and pain can help us grow and gain …

Through both joy and pain,
You transcend grow and gain…
God can nourish life with rain , …
To bless us with love again …
A higher level of awareness you obtain ,
Diamonds form under pressure and strain ,
A simple truth , yet profound and plain …

Sunset in Lebanon…

Life has been meant to have opposites or polarities of ups and downs or joy and sorrow . If we feel connected to our true self or intuitive inner knowing within us or as some say follow your heart , you get really inspired to know how to express yourself constructively in a good way . Our inner guidance system or our hearts ( that are part of human minds ) do help us to learn , develop and progress through those life cycles of ups and downs or ebbs and flows of the ocean of life .Many are the examples of people of different walks of society who can cope with and adapt to life swings while theylearn to enjoy life as it is growing and evolving . Contrasts help give clarity , so as said that the moon and the stars do shine much more obviously through the nights and darkness .

Love and light from Lebanon to the world…


Increasing Chances of Employment for Fresh Graduates

For the purpose of a better future, financially and socially, fresh college and university graduate students generally search for jobs after graduation. After doing some research on the internet and thinking about some ideas and personal experiences myself, I realized that some ideas and actions if followed or implemented can increase the chance or possibility of getting a job. Sure, you can’t guarantee success quickly and 100 percent fully, but certain actions and ideas can be helpful in one way or another.

Interviews are the milestones that can lead to the job of your dreams. The two golden questions are : What are the things that you should remember while preparing for an interview? and What is the mindset you should adopt during an interview? The next two sections answer exactly these two questions.

Before an Interview

  1. Prepare well for an interview in a certain company by reading about such company on the internet. Doing some research about the company will give the managers or head office administration of the company a better impression about you. You will be more knowledgeable and confident in giving relevant and decent information while answering certain questions. Besides, you will get to know more about the skills and qualifications required to be employed for a certain position inside a company. For example, if you apply for a marketing job or public relations task, it is natural that they would require good communication skills and outgoing friendly character, so doing some research about a company assists you to attain a decent job.
  2. Try to find the location of the company whether on the net or by phone because this will help you arrive on time for an appointed interview.
  3. If you are looking for a job, look after those being in harmony and alignment with your dreams as much as possible. The more you love your job, the more likely you will succeed. Besides, the more you believe in your words, actions and missions in life, the more is the probability that the interviewer or potential employer will trust your abilities and capacities just as in the example mentioned in the previous point.
  4. Take care of your health ( healthy diet, plus some moderate sports ) because this helps you look in a better shape and appearance , give you a better mood to deal with new life situations and conditions , increase your productivity and improve the functioning of a human brain , as healthy mind exists in a healthy body… When you look healthy, you will get higher probability of being recruited for a job opportunity.
  5. Remain up-to –date in technical skills and widen your new skills during the duration of time while you are still searching for a job. For example, while waiting to find a job, try to learn new computer programs and develop your skills that may be useful to get a job.
  6. Take Steps to learn a new widely used language like Spanish, German, Arabic or French (If you are not a native speaker) or become more fluent in English being the nowadays business language that may help you find a job outside your native country sometimes. Today, through the internet, you can apply online for a job vacancy abroad without having to show up personally at first. Moreover, learning a new language will make it easier to travel around in foreign countries as a visitor or tourist. It facilitates applying for a job in a company there that may sponsor you and help you get a work visa and residence. For example, some people while visiting Dubai for tourism sought and found a job there to be able to live and work in Dubai afterwards (sure, one would have to like the place to live in it).
  7. Well done and suitable cover letter: A well done and rich cover letter can uplift your chances in obtaining a job. An example mentioned in a book called “ Think and Grow rich “ written by Napoleon Hill is about a woman who prepared very well for a cover letter for her son as a fresh graduate and listed some information in it that has helped him achieve a high position in a company as a new entrant that would have required him years to reach.
  8. Well prepared CV: Make a concise CV that mentions the best quality information about your achievements, education and experience in a clear and brief way that is easy to understand.
  9. Get counsel from other graduate students you know or from your friends and relatives. Sharing ideas and experiences can be really beneficial. Your acquaintances, relatives or friends can lead you to new companies or introduce you to high ranking managers in companies that you look forward to work with. Although listening to advice and other points of views can be fruitful in some cases, but you should question what you hear or read as each person has his or her own character with different preferences; what works for others may not necessarily work for you and vice versa.
  10. If you do not find a job in few months, why not get training in a company especially in your domain or major? Getting training for little or even no salary for a short period of time at first can help you get practical life experience, acquire needed skills, broaden your knowledge, enrich your CV and even strengthen your self confidence. You could get hired for that company later on or at least you could make new helpful friendships. I personally heard about people who got good jobs in banks after being on trial for few months getting only transportation benefits before being recruited for such jobs.
  11. Sign up for job notifications in topics that interest you. You may do this through job search engines such as  or simple job sites such as
  12. Always have hope as life is really abundant, wonderful and friendly. Sometimes, through temporary failure, mistakes we make or what seems as hard life lessons, we get wiser, better and stronger.

During an Interview

  1. Dress in a neat and appropriate way for a job interview as this can give a better idea about you especially to people you meet personally for the first time.
  2. Be positive in an interview as much as possible. Even, if you are asked to mention some of your weaknesses, tell them that you also do your best to overcome them and to discover new constructive ways of solving problems. You can say that you are ready to acquire new knowledge to improve and enrich your skills. However, do not mention your weaknesses unless you are asked.
  3. Give relevant answers to questions for you not to be out of topic. Being consistent and focused in your responses and stating information as briefly as possible constitute a credit for you in an interview and so leave behind a better reputation.
  4. Answer, as much as you can, in a relaxed and calm manner. This will show that you have the ability to approach different life situations in a rational and balanced manner.
  5. When questioned about the reasons for seeking employment in a specific company, say that you would contribute and add value to the company because you love your career and the job applying to. For instance, you may say that you can help others get inspired towards a better futuristic goal and vision of the company. It makes a wonderful difference if you are creative in terms of developing new ideas, new services and products that can boost productivity and strengthen the company. As an example, a young man applying for an IT job in an internet related company convinced the owner (who is a Lebanese American billionaire) in his speech that he was really interested, skillful, motivated and committed to work in such a task, so he got employed there.
  6. Charming character and positive attitude can help you connect with the manager and the employees. As a particular example , if you have managed in life to build up your self-confidence , this may show up in the interview and the head office may see that such a confident person if employed may inspire and encourage others to progress and do better work. If the employer notices that you smile from your heart and be really happy to start your job, this will give you a higher chance to be accepted for a job offer.
  7. Be yourself in search for a job to the best of your ability: Try to act naturally, but sure, it is better to be a little careful with your behavior and words with people you meet for the first time .However, to act in an ordinary normal way and not to pretend to be much different from how you really are is better for both the interviewer and the interviewee. For instance, if you are not that kind of person that has really a smiley face or easy-going character, you can’t be a salesman in a trading company. When you are on trial (testing period of time), the managers can get to notice many aspects of your personality as they get to know more about you before officially hiring you in the company.

Even if you cannot get what you desire at first, keep on going, go ahead and see in what areas you can get better. You never know what opportunities and joyful experiences, life may bring to you as result of having patience, gratitude and optimism. God never closes a door without opening many other doors. Actually, the creator of the universe offers us many opportunities (and not just one) for us to benefit from, but we have to open up our minds and act to the best of our ability to get inspired and prosper. He always shows us his mercy and love in both sadness and happiness. Seek and you will find and knock the door and it shall be opened for you. Let us wish you all the best in life…