True that one is all and all is one

I have been inspired to write this article by a motivational speaker called Daniel Ally and here you are , shining like a star and after the night , the sun would shine bright.

” Dead end jobs” only exist in our minds if we allow them to exist . For every problem , there are infinite number of solutions .

Infinite number of ways could be found to progress in life because is here , there and everywhere.
No need to worry or compare.
To live in peace , love and joy we dare…
Some would look and stare
But the truth is infinite abundance exists for all to share
Sharing is caring and to share love is to really divinely care …
Never say life is not fair ,
Life would compensate you well if you will to live and limitless wealth is not rare …

we would live so long and progress so far ,
To heaven we go shining like a star ,
Where we stay and wherever we are ,
We are connected to God and
Our cups overflow like to fill a larger pool or big jar ,
Our blessings flow like waterfalls
Playing the music of a spanish guitar ,
All in one and one in all ,
You are from the divine , lovely , complete and whole …
No matter where we live
And what we set a goal ,
We all have wisdom
We all have a role
Forgive my message is long and tall
Last but not least , for now this is all…

Blessings from the earth to the whole universe and we are not only a particle in the universe but the universe in a particle.

After the Autumn and winter , comes the spring

No matter how long seems the darkness of the night,
The sun would definitely be shining bright,
Not so far from our sight , things are peacefully all right.

The love of God is in everyone and everything,
after autumn and the winter
Shall come the spring ,
Birds always travel and sing ,
Unlimited blessing would they bring ,
God requires from us no-thing,
Except to spread the light and love to brighten and out spring

( spring out is to leap or move swiftly )…
( we shall all on earth fill ourselves with love , forgiveness and light to allow the spirit of the divine to flow and shine through us ) .

Vessels and channels of Divine consciousness

This is similar to the idea of intuition or inner guidance system that cooperates with our minds .

Intuition is in or inner plus tuition which is instruction or learning or wisdom or knowing .So intuition is like an inner knowing within first like God speaking through us , to us and for us in both hidden and apparent ways .I hope my comment helps as well …The answers are within you comung through you inside out and being reflected back .

Through our awareness or consciousness God channels energy or love and light through us .

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