Jerry Owen said that Vibration , Frequency and Energy are the way the universe works—

If you know the secret of Vibration you are like a Bumblebee and can open all sorts of closed doors . Vibration , Frequency and Energy are the way the universe works—Everything is in flux and nothing is standing still— all we have to do is learn how to tune into different Vibrations and frequencies and we will be able to see things and hear things we never thought possible— This is how Mediums and Ghost Whisperers are able to tune into subtle Vibrations. This is also how we begin to become aware of the Energy around us through Synchronicities and Intuition.

Written by Jerry Owen



Tony Monk mentions important things…



Wisdom far exceeds education. I am far less interested today in the intellectual mind set, and more inspired by people who are creative and have beautiful hearts.
Education is important for the development of the brain for practicality purposes…. Wisdom isn’t something that can be taught. Wisdom is something that lives within each and everyone of us at our core essence, and expands our consciousness as we progress.

Many people have conformed to the mainstream way of thinking, and when you do this, you trap yourself on that collective frequency, and everything believed on that frequency also becomes your reality, and your experiences.
You tap into other frequencies by expanding your consciousness. Get rid of shallow minded beliefs, and expand your way of thinking without judging, condemning, or ridiculing and the like. When the mainstream thinkers call you crazy and nuts, than you have left there shallow minded boxed in mentality, and shifted to an amazing new paradigm.

The path of least resistance is always more clear and joyful to journey upon. Words are powerful, and the emotions behind them are either damaging to your health and your surroundings, or positive and optimistic to your health and your surroundings.
The words and emotions you feel and think about yourself, mirrors back to you in the form of the people, circumstances, and events, that show up in your life.

God as a he…

God is referred to many as a HE… Here is my take on that…. Its very easy to refer to God without using masculine pronouns.
That to me sends a message of ignorance, and to many who are confused to begin with, and especially if it happens to be a female who is abused in any way by a male.
That will make this individual feel inferior by imagining a Masculine male God, because God is being referred to as a HE. God is everyone and everything.

You can mention God without using a masculine pronoun as a HE. That will make everyone feel equal, because we are ALL equal and one with this Divine Source, many call God.
We are all God, and having faith in ourselves to realize this truth, gives us tremendous power back that is Inherently already ours in the first place.

God is our consciousness, and is our being at the same time, because everything in our being is also consciousness.
God is also the consciousness of a blade of grass, and a grain of sand, and the particles that make up a wall or a rock etc, But to which degree God is at, IS in comprehensive to our small brains. God is the source of everything, and is also the everything as well.

Feeling alone…

We are never alone… Even the walls that surround you are conscious. Everything is consciousness and aware of its self.
Have you noticed that the walls in your home for example don’t need painting for years when the home is full of life, but if you took everything out of the home and left it empty with new paint, it wouldn’t take long for the paint to start peeling off the walls and mold started to grow etc.

Its because the live energy that was once there, is no more and the particles make their transition in to other forms and dimensional frequencies, leaving a low vibrating deteriorating form. Our mere presents, gives a high vibrating energetic boost to everything around us.
Heaven and God…

My definition of what heaven means to me, or what we call God… To me, Its a state of being which is an extremely expanded consciousness that knows and feels its connection to everyone and everything simultaneously through the experiences of its parts, and recognizes and knows itself as the whole.
Its a state of consciousness that knows it encompasses everything that can possibly be imagined, and through its imagination, it gives birth to individual smaller expressions of itself, and these smaller expressions of itself, co-create in its own imagination in exploration to find itself back to its source, and at the same time experiencing a heaven on Earth once the alignment to its source is made. ♥
What is reality…

The only reason everything is the way it is though physics and so on, and many are experiencing the same things like gravity and so on on this plane, is only because we share one consciousness with many different perspectives of it, and we have a collective conscious agreement that certain things are indeed fact, and as a result, we lock ourselves onto that frequency believing that things outside us are real.
Everything is vibration of imagination displaying itself as an illusion of real experiences from within our consciousness. If for instance we have everyone in agreement that we can fly as humans despite gravity without machinery, we as a collective consciousness would be able to achieve it.

Loving yourself…

Remember wherever you go, you have to take yourself with you. The question is, is it a burden, or is it a joy to carry yourself with you. Your mind set and perceptive view of your world, will give you your answer.

The people, circumstances, situations, and events, that take place outside of you that your aware of, is a mirror reflection of the perception you have from within you. Its all being displayed according to the vibration your in.
Life is what you make it…

Life is always more exciting and worth while when we have something to look forward to, even if its just a small thing.
Always create something to look forward to, it will give you more energy to be excited to move forward.
Life is full of whatever you decide to create in your experience. Everything is already there on an energetic level, waiting to be formed and shaped into the equivalency of your thoughts and emotions. Make them fun, joyful, and exciting, and life for you will be so amazing as a result ♥

What is reality:

Want to know how reality really works here in simple terms…. Whatever you believe in becomes true for you, and the law of attraction will always prove you right.
What is matter if it doesn’t exist:

Matter does NOT exist… What we experience as matter.. is what consciousnesses looks like from a perspective of itself in an illusion of a limited time and space.
How do i know when its coming:

The Universe always works behind the scenes collecting all the cooperative components that match your vibration.
If you are aware of creating on purpose, you will notice certain impulses or opportunities that you must act upon to bring your desire into fruition.
What is so and so going to think of me…
What is so and so going to think of me….. Who cares what others think of you.

What matters is what you think of yourself. If you live your life based on what others think of you, you are insecure and living like a victim, and you are in for some serious sociological issues.
You will be running around trying to make the illusions of shadows happy. We need to learn how to love ourselves unconditionally and become an example of inspiration for others as a result.

Years ago a failed in almost everything i did “why” because i was doing everything for everyone else and trying to make everyone else happy. When i learned how to love myself unconditionally and care about how a felt as a result, I become extremely successful, happier, and more fulfilled, and i was able to help others from a much more confident vibration.

Who are we really:

Many quotes that empowers anyone to they’re full potential were removed and edited long ago… There were special powerful interest groups who got together and did not want people to know they’re own individual powers, because if they did, these groups would not be able to control them with programming and manipulation.

Human greed ignorance and stupidity took over. These days we have that information back at our finger tips, and many people still find it beyond themselves because they still live like victims. Our society has devoted itself to Newtonian and Darwinian mentalities, which is extremely mentally primitive still.
There are some who are becoming awake and understanding who they really are at they’re core, and the power that they posses from within… We are realizing that we have always been that GOD everyone has been searching for.

Many people forgot to search from within, and instead were looking for GOD outside themselves. Embrace this truth and take your power back, and create an existence of your choice on purpose now that you know who you are.

IQ Tests:

IQ tests are someones opinion of intelligence. To me they are irrelevant. We are all geniuses in our own way… made in the image of perfection. An IQ test is an out of the vortex measurement of what intelligence really means.

Tony Monk

How to create with the universe …

It is said , seek the kingdom of heaven first , and everything shall be added unto you… We move with the flow of life and co-create with the universe…
In kingdom of heaven , there is pure joy regardless of conditions , eternal unwavering love and high levels of consciousness…
When you look from inside , where the universe dwells in you and get into the state of being both joyful and unconditionally loving, everything flows to you easily and the universe would bring you to the right place at the right time just like the flow of a boat in a river. All you have to do is remind yourself well of what to choose consciously.Your inner guidance or intuition plus intellect will lead you wisely to make better and better decisions on when to move and when to relax and take a break…
( I used to joke saying have a break , have a kitkat…)

There is a nice sweet lovely song ,
Row , row , row your boat gently down the stream….
Merrily , merrily , merrily, life is but a dream…

Life is like a dream where things we put in consciously, returns to us in many infinite ways whether we notice or not…
To clarify , your night dreams echoes your thoughts ,emotions or any energy you tap into while being awakened . I feel that life is somehow similar to dreams in that manner…
In life , if we have a balanced approach knowing there is also polarity like cold and hot , male and female , night and day or darkness and light. If we can embrace life and love it the way it is with all its contrasts , we get everything we need from life. We have everything within us , all we have to do is have faith to believe that all abundance and power is within us when we get in alignment or tuned in to the source or divine presence .How ? By loving life unconditionally and being happy regardless of the outer situations , whether in the hot or cold weather , winter or summer , day or night…, ups or downs…
No light without darkness and no happiness or joy wothout sadness from time to time…
We have to believe that we are complete as we truly are a spiritual being in a human experience . We get the right answers or responses to our questions or requests at the right place in the perfect time whether we expect it or not… Blessings are countless if we dare to believe and examine carefully…

Live in the now and make peace with past . Be lighthearted and think of the past as lessons or blessings in disguise to learn from , grow spiritually and transcend into higher states of consciousness. Hence,consciousness is in everything chinging in form , out of the form and back into form but in a new version. What is the most important is to feel good no matter what the outer situation seems like in the now to attract and manifest goodness in the now and in the near future. Have confidence, Faith and trust that when you do your best , the universe and infinite consciousness supports and guides you towards the best…

What really matters is what you have in the now and here whether physically or non-physically . Everything you have or happening to you and through you is right and complete whether on a physical level or on a vibrational non-physical energetic level, because the presence within you or who you really are is formless pure consciousness or infinite intelligence or source of pure formless eternal energy that is beyond form or thought …
You choose the state of consciousness of joy , peace and allowing the universe to flow through you and / or to you. Who you really are is right , true , whole , joyful , pure and complete lacking nothing…

The divine is here
The divine is there and everywhere…
The spirit of source or oneness of being or pure formless energy is immanent or existing in the whole universe and transcends it at the same time exactly as it is immanent in a tiny particle and transcends it . However , the divine presence or source can come in infinitely different forms , shapes, colors and patterns… Source could reveal self in the forms of thoughts and feelings unseparated from us but could be beyond them simultaneously … All we have to do is believe that we are always connected to source through eternity of infinite unconditional love…

Roz Brooks said

“Since the tapestry of all time has already been woven, everything I could ever want to happen in my life already exists in that infinite, nonphysical plane. My only task is to expand my earthly self enough to let it into this realm. So if there’s something I desire, the idea isn’t to go out and get it, but to expand my own consciousness to allow universal energy to bring it into my reality here.”

Connect to the divine spirit within you …

As Abraham Hicks says: Get everything you want from the physical experience of being a human .How?
By being tuned in to who you truly are as an extension of source. You would be in a receiving mode if you are in the vortex experiencing unconditioned joy , peace and unconditional love…This is what you really are as spiritual non-pysical being in a temporary human body , coming to get a human experience that expands your states of consciousness…

A person called Jerry Owen in a group on facebook called Law of attraction changed me life said : “Once you fill your heart with pure Joy and do not base your happiness on outstise you , all circumstances or most of them open up to instantly connect you to every desire you have ever had ♥ . Find Joy and you are home free ♥”

It is said that the kingdom of heaven is within you.
There is a saying that those who need nothing , the whole world is given . The physical reality we live in is just a shodow of our energy we emit or put in . Life is just like a dream but our true reality is that we co-create with God and the universe through ourselves and for ourselves to experience the joy and the glory of God …
We expand our scope of awareness and elevate our states of consciousness through acting from beliefs and emotions that derive from pure unconditioned joy and unconditional love . The universe would move all people and circumstances that match your lovely positive energy. Even if you experience some unpleasant experiences , you could learn from them to heal every part of you and grow from it endlessly. In short , ” seek the kingdom of heaven first and everything shall be added unto you.”

Best wishes and God blessings …

The Source Within…

Source is within me and you
And all the we have been through
The divine is here and there
Existing everywhere
So that we can live,love and care
Hence , the divine could seem far
Though shining like a star…
But the divine is so near
Making the sun brightly so clear
Guiding us now and here
In communities , we gather
Sharing goodness together
Co-creating forever and ever
We make a joyful peace
Bringing upward spirals
Creating bliss with one another
With loving members we unite
And unity shines so bright
Until power feels so tight
Becoming humbly good and right…

Three details in the law of attraction …

There are three main points in this inspirational video that I would summarize. First of all , when we program our minds on positivity to get better results , we have to change our belief system in our unconscious mind in a positive manner. We have to induce faith in our unconscious mind that controls the majority of our minds / brains. Changing our belief system in our minds in a positive manner consciously and unconsciously changes our brain biochemistry in a constructive way. Second of all , Jake Ducy says that it is said that we attract usually what we are or what we become and not necassarily what we want . If we seek to find abundance , we have to be in a mind state of abundance persistently. Our energy or frequency has to match the frequency of what we want just as if we want to watch a certain TV channel , we have to be on the frequency of this Television channel. Third point to attract what we would like to become , we would live as if we are what we seek to become. We have to act as if we are in that circumstance. If you would like to be healed , believe , feel and act as if you are already being healed to get healthier just as , for instance, having sports , laughing , smiling , joyfully helping others and going out to places you love and listening to positive affirmations. You would do some of these actions when you are in a healthy state. You create your reality with your emotions and actions working altogether in harmony.Your feelings and thoughts are emotions which are in their turn energy in motion and action is also energy that influences both our inner being and outside world. Since matter and reality are all energy , so our energy and our observation of reality can bend our  reality. This has evidences in physics especially in quantum physics . Truly , do your best and leave the rest to God and the universe to manifest whatever you desire to have. Always have faith and emit high frequencies no matter how your current circumstances seem on the surface level because the universe and God can sometimes supply you goodness in many different ways and through many gates. Thank you universe and God for offering joy  to all creatures…