God is merciful and generous

In deed , it is quite true God will make a way where we might think there is no way . In God’s will there is no dead end, there are always new ways God can find that we may not expect or foresee. God is all merciful to save us and all compassionate that he has given us mind to think , ears to hear and listen and eyes to see all the wonders of the world. He Supplies us with every resource necessary to live with. God is generous and can give us the best , but all he requires from us is to love each other, love our lives, have some patience and work to help ourselves and consequently other people. God is more merciful with us more than mothers and fathers are with their children but all required is some kindness, gratitude, and sympathy. It is truthful God will help us in ways sometimes we can’t see no matter how our situation may look like. I discovered that sometimes if we are faced with hardships , God has a test for us that can help us become stronger, wiser and better. God has blessings apparent and hidden at all times . Always live your life happily, be nice and have faith because God will move things in your favor whether you notice it or not.



Reasons of German economic success

      One of the programs that contribute to German success at being an economic hub in Europe
( especially in highly qualified industrial products ) is the combination or merge between theoretical studies and practical experiences of sudents in highschools before graduation.  They send students at the age of 15 or to 16 to practice what they are learning and get a real life experience and more into depth knowledge of their future career that they are studying or willing to study. For example, a student willing to study mechanical when at highschool mechanical  engineering is sent to a factory to work to get to know if he or she is fit to that job or not. If interested, he or she can receive pre -high school training before even going to college or university.In that manner, students will become more skilled at what they do and improve and increase German human capital which is important to sustainable development. This tradition goes back to more than a century ago in Germany, which inspires many other countries to adopt a similar training program for students. For sure, such a program has to be modified to suit that particular and specific needs and social customs  of each country.

      Germany  can be a reference and an inspiring example for industrial and overall economic success because
German products like cars, chemicals, electronics and utilities are well known for their high quality and greatly demanded overseas. Germany is the second largest world exporter of products and services after China.Many are the famous German companies operating globally like BMW ,Siemens and Faber Castle as only few examples out of many others. Moreover,  the German economy is the largest in the Europe with a GDP of 3,500 billion dollars recently, and greatest guarantee for the unified European currency called the Euro that was adopted  in 1999 for the first time. The European central Bank ( which enjoys relative independence, prints money and controls the financial issues of the EU ) is located in Germany as a sign of economic power of Germany in Eurpean Union and eventually in the world.

Another term that enhances German economic success is that almost 70 billion $ or 2.3 % of all German Gross domestic product
have been spent on research and development , which has been the fourth largest sum of funds in the world after USA, China and Japan in 2011 according to Wikipedia. German labor is innovative in general because it adopts and innovates new technologies.In addition, as far as 11% of German labor works in high technology , which is one the highest in the world according to some sources. This contributes to scientific , technological and thus economic development that attracts many highly skilled labor and highly educated people to stay and work in Germany which benefits from them in many ways.Due to well advanced infrastructure and contiuous structural reforms, this country creates a lot of job opportunities ,so many jobs have been created at all years even in 2008 & 2009. German unemployment rate was 5 % only in October 2014 which is one of the least unemployment rates in the world. Many reforms or corrective steps in the labor markets have been taken by Germany more than 10 years ago.Moreover,Germany like many developed countries has a unemployment ensurance that guarantees at least minimum standard of living. Generally speaking , many reasons make Germany a very brilliant star in the European Union and an economic heaven in the European and global atmosphere.

“Jeita Grotto – 10” inside a dream

Jeita Grotto – 10″ inside a dream:

Jeita grotto is one of the top touristic attractions of nature in Lebanon. It is like an awesome dream to look at its natural beauty as a natural huge and long cave. It is a tunnel made up of natural smooth limestone that is naturally made into beautiful shapes. It has two floors upper and lower. You can pass in the lower floor in a boat through an underground river flowing. THE extremely beautiful scriptures of Jeita cave has made it one of the 7 wonders of the world in 2011.
We are blessed with a beautiful nature in Lebanon. ( a country in West Asia by the Mediterranean sea).

Enigma – Return To Innocence

Enigma – Return To Innocence

Music is the language of the whole world. Earth has a lot of music to those who want to listen.If you listen to it , music can make your mood better, improve your health and get your spirit higher and consequently it can lead to a better economic status and improved social relationships.
Music can boost the feeling of love and sympathy, which are among the highest levels of human emotions. Music is a message from God that can make us return to innocence.

Wonderful music is a blessing that reminds us that the world is full of joy!!!!!!

Industrial growth in the Arabic Gulf

   As emerging or rising nations, the Arabic Gulf countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,  Bahrain,  Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait have experienced industrial growth in general. According to statistics , the value of industrial investment increased in these  countries from 181 billion $ in 2009 to 369 billion $ in 2013. This industrial development was achieved thanks to the governments there providing adequate infrastructure such as developing enough electric power factories and building up large airports and harbors for example. Many industrial cities in that region have been established like Jubail industrial city in Saudi Arabia that has dozens of factories and industrial facilities. Another example is Dubai industrial city that has many manufacturing companies and enjoys many facilities like big office spaces , open storage yards and labour villages in Dubai in United Arab Emirates. Since all of the above mentioned countries have high income , high GDP, and great accumulated wealth from Petro dollars, they are offering huge amount of development funds and incentives for industry there to grow and prosper. The Gulf countries ( in South West Asia ) do have cooperation between private sector and public sector. Moreover,  highly skilled and experienced workers and engineers from all over the world are encouraged to work there due to high level of income and high wages, which are among the highest in the world. However, many locals or citizens in the wealthy Arab Gulf countries are sent for free at the expense of the state or government to study abroad in USA, Europe , Australia and Japan , so these students can gain the formal education to be a well qualified worker in the future once they return to their homeland. Another factor assisting industrial development in the Gulf is that some of the Gulf countries are now among the 40 highest spending countries on research and development.

Another important factor as well contributing to industrialisation is the abundance of natural gas and petroleum that is easy and cheap to extract and export. This region enjoys very important share in the oil industry and production despite the increasing production of crude oil worldwide.

   They are oil exporting countries, so they have accumulated 2,450 billion dollars in the years between 2003 to 2013. Petroleum is not only a great source of wealth and income to the Gulf countries,  but also natural resources or cheap fuel to generate energy used to mobilize industry. Crude oil can be used as a low cost and abundant raw material or primary material that can be processed intob petrochemical and chemical industry. Methane gas, ethane gas and  Amonia can be produced and processed from crude oil. In specific, Amonia plays a significant role in the production of agricultural fertilisers that can boost agricultural productivity. These agricultural fertilisers are exported to South Asia and East Asia where population mass is big and increasing agricultural productivity can truely benefit the economy there and feed the population.

   The fertiliser production capacity grew 4 percent in the Gulf where as the growth average in the world was 1.7 % in 2013. Thus , the Petrochemical and chemical industry is the second largest manufacturing sector of the whole industry  in the Gulf and so the Petrochemical industry is estimated to be around 97 billion $
Of industrial production per year.
In the coming future ,  the Gulf region can develop and play a growing importance in the world industry.

   They realize that they have to diversify their economies  because of the falling prices of oil due to the expanding supply of crude oil worldwide. Technological progress and development has increased the extraction and production of oil among which is the increase of one million barrels of oil from USA in one year only. Alternative renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric,  wind , solar, geothermal and bio fuels are increasing in a continuous manner and so can reduce the demand and hence the price of oil barrels year after year. In 2012 and 2013 , 19 % of energy consumed worldwide has been from renewable sources of energy. In that manner, the gulf region (which is rich in Petroleum and natural gas )has to rely on industrial,scientific  and technological development  step by step in order to remain rich and economically secure.

Reasons behind falling oil prices


      Globally, the price of petroleum is continously moving down and is moslty expected to slide down in a progressive trend in the future whether in short term, medium or long term due to several reasons. One of the reasons is the expanding supply of non conventional shale oil that is newly extracted and produced in North America, whether Canada or USA. In detail, one million barrel  per day is the increase  of the quantity of oil produced during one year from 2013 till 2014 in the United States of America. In USA, Supply of oil has increased by 50 % since 2008 till 2014. According to Forbes magazine, Mexican president has allowed constitutional reforms that allow private and foreign companies to invest and extract from crude oil fields in Mexico attracting ,in that manner, new technologies that have a potential to boost oil and gas production in Mexico that has around 60 billion barrels of oil reserves whether shale oil or conventional oil. In 2014 , oil producing countries especially OPEC members refused to reduce the amount of oil produced daily ( unlike the year 2008 when they reduced the amount produced when oil prices went down) , so this caused oil prices to drop down further.

Another cause
for the drop of oil prices is the widening new discovery of conventional oil in some countries like Brasil, Senegal and others. Moreover, there is also development and advancement in technology used to extract Petroleum, so perpetual growth of the quantity and percentage  of oil extracted from all fields and countries. In addition, there is more developed technology that can save energy consumed and so consequently oil consumed with time. As a vivid and clear examples are electric cars and petro-electric hybrid cars.
( Although hybrid cars has constituted  only 3  percent of all cars on the road in 2008 & 2009, their future outlook seem much better than before.) Another factor that can affect the supply and demand factors  on Petroleum globally is that alternative renewable energy sources are experiencing continuous forward development and improvement, because of accumulated experiences, technical know-how development and international itensive broadened research & development. The production of hydroelectric energy is escalating
Upward by 3 % each year according to a source from Wikipedia. Moreover,  the cost of producing geothermal energy ( from underground hear in the earth ) has diminshed by  25 % in the last 2 decades , which encourages further research, development and production in the coming future. Some countries like USA, Australia and Iceland currently use geothermal energy generated from hot springs and deep underground heat to produce electricity  warm up houses  in the winter. The cost of production of solar cells is reduced termendously these years
( 50percent in 3 years ) , which makes it more competitive and profitable to produce energy like heating water and generating electricity from solar sources available abundantly everywhere on earth. Some companies are using solar energy to try to produce crude oil from carbon dioxide and water in a process similar to photosynthesis (used by plants which absorb sunlight to transform carbon dioxide and water into sugar and oxygen. This is another potential renewable source of energy.) Electricity produced from renewable  sources like hydroelectric ( number one source in renewable energy ), wind, solar ,geothermal and bio fuels is projected  to grow gradually worldwide. In 2012 and 2013 , it was estimated that 19 percent of all energy consumed worldwide  and 22 percent of electricity generated globally has come from renewable energy sources mentioned above. As a sample of countries in 2009 , Canada and Norway produced 60 % and 93 % of their electricity from renewable resources especially hydroelectric because their lands are rich in water. In addition , worldwide overall investments in renewable technologies in 2013 has amounted almost 214 billion dollars in 2013 according to Wikipedia. Renewable energy technologies and projects are really expected to grow globally benefiting all countries on the planet enviromentally, ecomomically and socially. Will this progress make electricity supply available to all individuals on earth ? Will these renewable alternative energies be a true substitute source of energy for oil in the future? 

   It can benefit oil exporting countries as well because oil becomes a cheaper raw material and primary material for industrial products especially petrochemical industry and other kinds of industries that will boom and flourish.  In conclusion,renewable resources of energy that are developing can benefit all nations giving us cleaner environment and a more sustainable economic growth helping us live in a happier , more joyful and peaceful world.

Man made diamonds


Synthetic diamonds are also called laboratory created diamonds or laboratory made diamonds. They can be of different colours like blue, green, yellow and others.These artificial diamonds are made from pure carbon put under high temperature and high pressure and many other methods. They found that diamonds are formed very deep under ground through high temperature and high pressure , and so in similar manner they can produce precious artificial diamonds that has some good properties as well like hardness, thermal conductivity and electric mobility.  According to a website under Wikipedia, 98 % of diamonds used in industry  is from synthetic diamonds because it is cheaper than natural diamonds. Some  methods are used to distinguish natural diamonds from synthetic ones. Synthetic diamonds are used in production of semiconductors , machine tools and  optical applications. Synthetic diamond industry which is progressing recently and costs less than real natural diamonds , can be used in making cheaper jewellery for customers who care for less prices rather than more expensive jewellery and real diamonds.

The 4 states of mind ( Happiness in the present) vs Future Vision

The video is for Vishen Lakhiani who is the founder of the mindvalley company, which grew from a very small company into an international company of a very large value in the market of various countries in the world. He talks about the ultimate or best state of the mind which is the state of flow where great events in life start happening with ease and wonderful things start to unfold and flow. He focuses on the state of flow which requires 2 important things. The first is to happy and joyful in the now with whatever job or situation you have right now and the second is to have vision in the future ( to progress and make things better and better everyday in all ways you can). “The secret” mentions ideas like that if you are contented ( happy) and thankful in the moment , you are on you way to increase your blessings and good luck both now and in the future. This is a way to improve your quality of life because if you focus on happy feelings right now , you improve your health and get in a better mood to enjoy your work and be more productive. By this way, if you are happy and far away from sadness , you can persist in growth and success. It is true that to grow in the future you have to contribute and help other people in many ways. I have seen a statement taken from the bible that says the generous will prosper and those who refresh others , will themselves be refreshed. Of course, when you give and contribute to the world do it from your heart and out of the feeling of love and joy. The universe is meant to be abundant in everything and God is very generous. Let us focus on the good side of our lives at all times and everything that comes in life comes to you by the all knowing God. I believe that God gives us the best in return for our feelings , intentions, thoughts and actions or deeds. Whatever we pass through is a test and a lesson for us to learn and progress in the future.

However, you have got to have a vision for the future to grow. You might be inspired one day to get great ideas when you have ambition towards a better future. In addition, when you have a real will to work and have ambition and vision for the future to grow, you will experience real advancement and growth. An example is mentioned in the video, about a very rich man, the English Business man Richard Branson who is best known as the found of the Virgin group. Richard Branson pursued work as a play and a source of joy, so when he loved and enjoyed his life and work , he accomplished happiness, fortune, and wealth. God blessed him because he loved life and work. I Wish that all of us will be in the state of flow and believe me if you are optimistic , you improve and refresh your positive energy in all situations. “Where there is a will, there is a way” is a well known and lovely saying. At last, I wish the whole world good luck, peace and joy.

Watch “Ukraine’s Got Talent AMAZING DANCE ! Duo Flame – …” on YouTube

Ukraine’s Got Talent AMAZING DANCE ! Duo Flame – …:

This is an amazing and breathtaking dance. This dancing couple from Ukraine is really skillful and seems to have been well and long trained. What adds beauty to the scene is that they dance at the wonderful French love song for the famous French singer Lara Fabian. They really have got wonderful talent and look like athletes performing nicely with full harmony on the stage.
We have always something nice and beautiful to be happy about in this world.