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Does China’s Friendship With Russia Really Have β€˜No Limits’? |

As this article shared in the link states , China is in a precarious ( careful ) position to remain neutral during Russian and pro-west Ukraine ( that is supported by European nations and USA economically and military-wise). Despite the fact that China looks towards a multipolar world coordinating with Russia , China has among one of its best interest to please its the European Union and USA who remain a huge market for Chinese exported goods and services worldwide in comparison to the Russian market .

Although China can still import oil and gas in a legal way making a way around western economic sanctions against the Russian Putin regime , China still has to coordinate with the European Union and USA as they have are very large importers or customers buying Chinese goods . China can not exceed certain limits concerning its political and economic ties with Russia .The west is proposing to get energy supply to substitute Russian fossil fuels with alternatives be it fossil fuels , green hydrogen , renewables, biofuels or whatever they can .In that manner , China is doing what it can to stay neutral and have a healthy balance its stance between its relation with The western world versus Russia …The western world has great economic power and technological innovations that are influential and large with all respect and love to all countries and nations , both developed and developing ones .

Note : I am from Lebanon and I know that Russia has great economic , technological and military power but generally speaking Russia is still a rising power that has less economic , technological and financial power than the Western liberal world with all its allies in relative comparisons. Many Russian scientists do leave Russia ( that has an autocratic regime ) to other countries where they are paid much more in other European nations , Australia and North America enjoying more liberties there .


Our Energy TRANSFORMS the World

As Wayne Dyer has said : ” When you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change . ”

When you become aware of your energy or of what comes through you in the form of thoughts , feelings , and actions you transform inside out . A thinker said that awareness is like tje sunshine that transforms whatever it touches .Yes , awareness of what kind of energy you put out returns back to you as a key towards developing .If you feel unhappy emotions , allow them , let them go to transmute your energy into unconditional love, forgiveness and unconditional joy .As einstein has said that energy and matter are interchangeable which means theoretically and practically they could change from one to the other . Even solid objects that appear to be fixed are masses of energy oscillations changing always .

Any change that happens in your life whether expectedly or unexpectedly is here now to teach you a lesson for you to grow , transcend and evolve . You could see these challenges as stepping stones to success or blessings in disguise and they could become blessings or a bridge to cross for further favorable progress. This is what is called in quantum physics the observer effect .The energy you emit out , not only returns back to you in different ways or forms but also affects your physical and non-physical reality. All Your surroundings including people , situations and emotions are influenced by your energy . This is how the Chi energy or even the Chinese medicine works . As a story told , tHIS has happened for a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer in a part of her body . This woman has looked for cure and healing in USA and the west to find doctors telling her like ” no cure” but the true reality is that healing and the kingdom of God and heaven have always been within her . Later on , she has moved to China , to find some people or doctors practicing medicine like energy healing or spiritual healing . Theses Chinese doctors have used their constructive wonderful energy to heal the woman in a short time . They have taken pictures for her previously affected areas before and after the energy medicine to find later on that the previously affected area has neen completely healed and cured . She has restored her health and this is an evident proof that our energies make synergies that co. -create with God and the universe on and on …

I have read in a post , energy counts more than words .

Not only actions count more than words but also emotions , ideas , and intentions in the background of the minds , hearts and spirits do count more than mere single words whether said verbally or written down …

As an example , people who have invented Google have silently worked more than 10 thousand hours in years before building a huge empire that has made a great development in the world…

May God bless you and bless all. This is a world dream to have a more just and equitable world . Absolutely , Our world is becoming better day after day in every way …

In evolution and progress , we shall stay …The sun keeps shining every ray For us to make hay , Stability and progress have a lot to say , Definitely said : ” where there is will , There is a way …
Blessings to all from Lebanon , the land that is mentioned in the bible to have the cedars of God …πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸ‡±πŸ‡§

Blessings and peace to all…

The Japanese Stereotypes. | The Human Breed Blog

Japan is a great country with a well developed industry and technology.It has one of the highest wages in the world and low unemployment rate. If you see something made in Japan , it would most probably be of high quality with a reasonable price in general. Japan spends a good percentage of its national income on advanced Research and development. The Japanese are hard working and smart. They enjoy a healthy lifestyle as the Japanese food is generally healthy. The Japanese people enjoy a long life span in general as they have a healthy lifestyle.

If interested in further information , please visit the website underlined above.

Watch “Empowering Inspiring video message” on YouTube

Empowering Inspiring video message:

   In this video , you learn to be grateful for every aspect in you life and focus on good things in life that is meant to be abundant , joyful  and lovely. They are telling you to take life easily and do the things you love to do. There is a great power inside each person that is as great as the world. Let us enjoy life.The more we feel the joy and be thankful, the better we feel about life and the grearter shall we receive from univervse.

What makes a happy society? – Forum:Blog Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum

If you read this article , they are right that money and materialistic things alone do not not guarantee social happiness.  There are other factors like social welfare and social cohesion that make people happier. Social welfare like health insurance whether private or public , unemployment insurance and retirement transfers when people retire can increase level of happiness and trust in their countries  , so that employees will feel , happier, more productive and more secure. SOCIAL COHESION is the feeling of belonging to one’s country or
community. A person feeling love and cared about in his country or community will be happier and more profuctive in his social life and work as well.
     With respect to social welfare , Scandinavian countries like Sweden , Finland,  Denmark and Norway rank first in the world in terms of social welfare. They are right that health care and education give people more freedom and happiness , as they can help improve financial situation and quality of life. Educated and healthy people will have a better way of living including more freedom to choose to live the way they want. Many factors can contribute to happiness socially. Maybe we can achieve more happiness in the world due to improved standards of living worldwide even in developing countries in Africa, Latin America ,South and East Asia. We hope and wait to see a happier world to live in as time passes by.