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Mirna Hanna, the Iraqi child prodigy

When people think about Iraq, they remember Saddam Hussien, ISIS, suicidal attacks, bombs, terror and fear. But after every night comes a sun shine and after every winter comes a spring.

Mirna is a beautiful child who chose singing to tell the world that her country was once beautiful and that the Islamic State’s voice isn’t the only voice in Iraq. She chose to sing and speak up on behalf of all the free minds of the Iraqi people. For that, ISIS threatened her dad that they would kidnap her if she didn’t stop singing.


Lets put that into perspective!

So at its current state, and unfortunately in Iraq now, its enough for anyone to disagree with ISIS to have himself as a target for their terror. You don’t even need to disagree with them, you just have to be different!  After all, what did the Yazidis do to deserve slaughter, rape and slavery; but you can’t argue reason and common sense with the dark minds of the Islamic State, you can only hope to run away or fend them off.

Mirna Hanna challenged ISIS by her voice, by being beautiful and the biggest sin of all, being different (i.e. She is Christian). So she had to leave Iraq and she currently resides in Lebanon.

To read more about Mirna Hanna, click this link:

Mirna Hanna – ميرنا حنا

But for now, lets hear her sing:



God Bless you and your family, keep singing, the world loves you. Your free and beautiful voice will be the end of ISIS.


Watch “Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way” on YouTube

Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way:

   The music band called backstreet boys is very famous. This is a very beautiful video song which is full of influential emotions,  love and joy showing you how much beautiful things in life can be present. If you are desire love and joy in music and songs , you can really find them to increase your happiness level and improve quality of life. We all want that way going in a progressive positive direction.

Blessings to all

Watch “ENIGMA | MMX Social Song / First version Official” on YouTube

ENIGMA | MMX Social Song / First version Official:

Enigma is a very popular, famous and successful music band. This videa music has really wonderful scenes and views of nature and people from all the world. The music is really awesome and influential. It takes you into a world of beautiful dreams and wonders just like heaven. It can really touch your feelings because it has awesome melodies and tunes, so I advise everyone to watch and enjoy.
God bless our universe

“Jeita Grotto – 10” inside a dream

Jeita Grotto – 10″ inside a dream:

Jeita grotto is one of the top touristic attractions of nature in Lebanon. It is like an awesome dream to look at its natural beauty as a natural huge and long cave. It is a tunnel made up of natural smooth limestone that is naturally made into beautiful shapes. It has two floors upper and lower. You can pass in the lower floor in a boat through an underground river flowing. THE extremely beautiful scriptures of Jeita cave has made it one of the 7 wonders of the world in 2011.
We are blessed with a beautiful nature in Lebanon. ( a country in West Asia by the Mediterranean sea).

Enigma – Return To Innocence

Enigma – Return To Innocence

Music is the language of the whole world. Earth has a lot of music to those who want to listen.If you listen to it , music can make your mood better, improve your health and get your spirit higher and consequently it can lead to a better economic status and improved social relationships.
Music can boost the feeling of love and sympathy, which are among the highest levels of human emotions. Music is a message from God that can make us return to innocence.

Wonderful music is a blessing that reminds us that the world is full of joy!!!!!!