About the Author

About me, the Author

I am blogger from Lebanon ( a country beside the Mediterranean sea). I graduated from University in 2003 with a BS in Banking and Finance Major. Personally, I am interested in reading and analyzing economic and financial news. I like to have some information and knowledge about spiritual life and celebrities.

In our age, Information and news can be transmitted and exchanged on a global level easily and frequently, thanks to the internet. I hope that this website may assist or help all sort of people (whether investors, business men, students, teachers and academics) to acquire and gain new information from my articles and the data sources highlighted within the articles.I have put some videos concerning some prayers and lovely famous songs.

I would love to interact with my readers, so please leave a comment if interested.


11 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. I Thank You for You, for Your Beautiful Light that You Shine Forth ~ So Bright! Beautiful words of Peace, and Lovely thoughts from your Heart and Your Soul! You are Wonderful.ღ 🙏🏼

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