We are creators of our lives

In deed we are creators of our lives. What we think, feel , say and do determines what you get. Speak , think, believe and act as if you have enough money and be thankful to what you get and the universe will give you abundance of money. God helps those who help themselves . Instead of saying I want , say and believe that you have in order to receive. Of course, sometimes you need to take some action to get what you want, but you have to accompany the action with the happy feelings inside that you are receiving what you like.Life is meant to be abundant and God is generous.

In conclusion, it is the law of attraction basic principle that “like attracts like”.
Where focus goes, energy flows. What you concentrate on , there is a big chance to attract, so hope we concentrate on positive and constructive things in the world.


Sea Algae transformed to crude-oil

Sapphire Energy , one of the few other companies like, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, claim to be able to transform Algae to Crude Oil in less than 60 minutes by processing the harvested Algae through ordinary refineries. Sapphire Energy has paid off 50 million $ of loans by selling green crude oil produced from Algae.

Sea Algae
Sea Algae
From Flickr, User: Daniel Ramirez
Original: https://flic.kr/p/8tPX74

Algae can be considered a renewable source of energy and could contribute to reducing CO2 in the air and can provide, in the long run, a cheap source of renewable energy. It can be planted in areas not suitable for agriculture and grows in salty water.

With time, when the production of Biofuel produced from Algea (that is available everywhere ) expands and grows , it can reduce the price of petroleum and natural gas. In the future, due to many renewable resources energy ( biofuel produced from Algea is just one part of this huge potential of renewable resources ) , we can get huge benefits to world economy, living standards and environment.

Ukrainian – Russian affairs 2014

Historically and geographically, Ukraine is located and influenced by both Europe in the western border and Russia in the eastern border. After the collapse of the Soviet Union (mostly dominated by Russia), Ukraine became an independent state which turned afterwards to be a crossroad or an overlapping sphere between the European Union and the Russian federation. The enlargement of the European Union and NATO to include new countries in Eastern Europe like Poland , Estonia, Czech republic, Romania and others that were previously under the rule or influence of Soviet Union was another slap to the Russian Federation. Russia responded by an attempt to regain its power and influence especially in Eastern Europe where it had former allies close to her border. Is this the start of another cold war again between Russia and Western World?

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The Secret to Riches

Where is a will there is a way. If you are really focused on something you want and willing intentionally to form your life in a positive way, you will get it. As it is said, life is what you make. Where focus goes, energy flows and results show. You can attract what you want if you focus on it and take some disciplined actions. There is more than enough goodness in life and so many creative ideas to attract riches in this world bcause God is generous, all-merciful and all loving. At last, the bible says seek and you will find.

When there is  a will, there is a way.
When there is a will, there is a way.

Would Blackberry be Revived and Changed for the Better ?

Blackberry Passport
Blackberry Passport
From Flickr
User: Maurizio Pesce
Link: https://flic.kr/p/p7FuZo

Lately, there has been many signs that Black Berry might be going to be revived, improved  and strengthened ( it is possible but is it too late?). According to the latest news, the company has innovated a new mobile phone called “passport ” having the size of a passort and something like a smart phone. This newly manufactured  phone is geared towards professionals and  can help investors, doctors and managers of companies in their jobs and professions. Moreover, in the process of attracting more customers and thus making more revenues from selling greater amount of  products and services, they are trying to offer better prices to existing and potential customers. For example, this  “passport ” phone is 50 $ cheaper than recent versions of Apple smart phones. Probably , due to new innovations, creativity, workforce restructure and reduction in operational costs, Black Berry has reported less than expected  quarterly loss on Friday September 26 , 2014 and its shares rose nearly 5 %. Nowadays, the company is focusing on growth in revenues, profits and useful investments. To illustrate, the company has increased the amount of its cash, cash equivalent short-term and long-term investments from $ 2.6 billion at the second quarter of 2014  to $ 3.2 Billion at the end of third quarter of 2014. In addition, the company is debt-free. Accordingly, it has acquired big patent portfolio such as encryptional technology (adopted by US government ) constituting an asset like Gold. In the latest years, Black Berry having some kind of partnership with the US government, was helped and saved by the US government which rules democratically a nation of very powerful economy and very high GDP.

Finally, the biggest and most important question remains unclear; is Black Berry going to become profitable and successful again? Hope that the answer would be yes and this company would improve and grow step by step and day after day.

Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp, so what is next?

The owner of Facebook Zuckerberg did a good job acquiring Whatsapp and Instagram. First of all , he newly got ownership  of two leading  companies in their fields, which will just add value to Facebook and contribute to its growth. He created wealth without spending much money but by printing its own currency of newly created shares as Facebook enjoys billion of dollars of revenues and billions of dollars of shares and market value. Facebook has created wealth and enlarged its values by producing its new own stocks alongside with little cash to buy Whatsapp  and at the same time limiting ownership of these shares to its own employees. Though it acquired Whatsapp and Instagram but it left its management free and independent because Whatsapp and Instagram know how to follow market trends and new shifts in technology and applications used.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg
The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg
From Flickr
User: TechCrunch
Link: https://flic.kr/p/fPoWRK

Whatsapp has 450 million customers and does add value to Facebook that has more than 1 billion users ( 550 million daily active users). As they said that Zuckerberg seems going with market trends and keeping up-to-date with respect to technological development and market. In comparison ,Google got benefits from acquiring many companies like Youtube ,Ita software,  Motorolla and others that helped Google grow into one of the largest companies in the world. Will this acquisition make Facebook grow better and larger in terms of revenues and market value as Zuckerberg made his company prosperous and successful starting few years earlier ?

This article was inspired by Forbes Article: Three Smart Lessons From Facebook’s Purchase Of WhatsApp