Reasons of German economic success

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One of the programs that contribute to German success at being an economic hub in Europe
( especially in highly qualified industrial products ) is the combination or merge between theoretical studies and practical experiences of sudents in highschools before graduation. They send students at the age of 15 or to 16 to practice what they are learning and get a real life experience and more into depth knowledge of their future career that they are studying or willing to study. For example, a student willing to study mechanical when at highschool mechanical engineering is sent to a factory to work to get to know if he or she is fit to that job or not. If interested, he or she can receive pre -high school training before even going to college or university.In that manner, students will become more skilled at what they do and improve and increase German…

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Animals are useful


Animals are blessings from God and nature. Animals can be a source of joy and a way to improve your mood. They can encourage you to walk in nature getting fresh air. Not only they can be delightful to watch them grow and live , but they can be a source of income and living. Here is a cock with few hen eating from the ground and from nature , which helps chicken lay eggs and provide people with healthy organic food.
It is good for farmers to let their chickens eat from the nature in vast lands that are far away from where people live . Even if farmers feed them with corn and wheet, leaving chicken free to eat from the land and nature can be a plus. Farmers can provide people with healthy food and get good income for an improved standard of living. In general, everything in the world was created for a purpose and can have general benefit for the society and so is raising up animals which if one is interested , can benefit people in many ways.

Watch “Positive Affirmations – Meditation Part 2” on YouTube

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Positive Affirmations – Meditation Part 2:

As you view this enriching and beneficial video taken in these wonderful natural scenes, you notice that positive affirmations are statements said in self talking or meditation to affirm and ensure positive self image and confidence. Positive statements can be encouraging , uplifting, helpful and empowering. For sure , when you use the word repetitively I am getting better and better everyday ,for example ,and truely believe, it will help you become better each day and compel you to take better and more inspired action. Positive affirmations especially when accompanied by truthful, honest and continuous belief can make step by step improvement if God wills. It is a way to help you connect to divine truth and infinite intelligence.
If we repeat positive statements like I am happy , you are talking to your subconscious mind that you are always happy.It can help you…

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The Japanese Stereotypes. | The Human Breed Blog

Japan is a great country with a well developed industry and technology.It has one of the highest wages in the world and low unemployment rate. If you see something made in Japan , it would most probably be of high quality with a reasonable price in general. Japan spends a good percentage of its national income on advanced Research and development. The Japanese are hard working and smart. They enjoy a healthy lifestyle as the Japanese food is generally healthy. The Japanese people enjoy a long life span in general as they have a healthy lifestyle.

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