The Renewable Revolution Could Save The World $26 Trillion |

As more products are produced promoting renewable energy resources like solar , wind and some others ( not limited to geothermal energy…) are produced , the production gets less expensive , more efficient and reliable. Promoting renewable energy technology step by step can save trillions of dollars including oil purchases , medical care resulting from Co2 emissions and can help mitigate climate change .

living IN the moment vs living FOR the moment

When people tell you to forget about tomorrow And to live your life carefree without sorrow do you think they’re like the stupid grasshopper? Who will not have food in winter to devour! Yet you see those who live carefree unperturbed by the bothers of reality And they are the ones who seem happy. When […]

living IN the moment vs living FOR the moment

Nature to revive and restart after some forms fall apart …

Look at nature and watch the sea , Nature created for all , you and me ,

We are one with nature that we can see ,

Here is how we intend to be …

Love and peace could hold the key ,

In this life , we take a part ,

In the goodness of beauty ,

There is an art ,

This is where , we get to start…

After something ends and falls apart , other life form is reborn , and there is a new beginning and a new start. After the night comes , the morning sunrise is a magnificent appealing art …There is always hope and chances for life to restart …