joypassiondesire | No matter what you have been through, you can feel better again

Listen to your body . Do excercises in moderation and what feels good to you even if it is walking . Eat healthy food especially more vegetables and fruits . Have enough water to help clean up the body and give life to your body .

Have a work life balance as sleeping properly and resting enough while taking enough time off work helps refresh your energy and boosts your health .The more you care for your body having excellent biochemistry , the more positive loving energy you get to inspire yourself and others interchangeably .

Do what is good for both yourself and others at the same time because you are responsible for what emotions , thoughts and actions you take and is what returns to you . What goes around comes around.Love heals , while gratitude and joy from within  for no reason helps rejuvenate your body and retain a vibrant health . If you get upset of something you do not like , see the silver lining in it , learn from it to get better , let those emotions go and then transmute those lower vibrational energy frequency into love , forgiveness and delight …Be glad as every obstacle is a stepping stone to success.  Hardships come for you to evolve spiritually and rationally and become spiritually more aware that you are interconnected with the whole universe.  What you put into the world is what you get . Be the best you can and act from divine guidance and inspiration and things on the outside shall reflect the improvement from inside …


I recommend a book called the Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robbin Sharma. .. that talks about such principles for more sustainable  happy  life …

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