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Mirna Hanna, the Iraqi child prodigy

When people think about Iraq, they remember Saddam Hussien, ISIS, suicidal attacks, bombs, terror and fear. But after every night comes a sun shine and after every winter comes a spring.

Mirna is a beautiful child who chose singing to tell the world that her country was once beautiful and that the Islamic State’s voice isn’t the only voice in Iraq. She chose to sing and speak up on behalf of all the free minds of the Iraqi people. For that, ISIS threatened her dad that they would kidnap her if she didn’t stop singing.


Lets put that into perspective!

So at its current state, and unfortunately in Iraq now, its enough for anyone to disagree with ISIS to have himself as a target for their terror. You don’t even need to disagree with them, you just have to be different!  After all, what did the Yazidis do to deserve slaughter, rape and slavery; but you can’t argue reason and common sense with the dark minds of the Islamic State, you can only hope to run away or fend them off.

Mirna Hanna challenged ISIS by her voice, by being beautiful and the biggest sin of all, being different (i.e. She is Christian). So she had to leave Iraq and she currently resides in Lebanon.

To read more about Mirna Hanna, click this link:

Mirna Hanna – ميرنا حنا

But for now, lets hear her sing:



God Bless you and your family, keep singing, the world loves you. Your free and beautiful voice will be the end of ISIS.


Watch “Madonna – Like a Prayer [Official Music Video]” on YouTube

Madonna – Like a Prayer [Official Music Video]:

   This song called ” like a prayer”,one among many songs and video music  for the very famous superstar Madonna  ,has been ranked number one of the year when it was first issued. Madonna   is widely talented , successful,  and brilliant as a singer, actress, songwriter , director, philanthropist and a business woman. As  a result, Madonna is the highest paid musician for the year 2013 with an annual income at that year surpassing 125 million dollars. According to information from Wikipedia, her networth or wealth accumulated was $  500 million in September 2013.

  There is no surprise in the fact that  this awesome video music alone has attracted more than 2 million views in one year. Madonna is a beautiful woman with a very wonderful voice and Charisma.   Hope that you all enjoy this video.

Watch “We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA Worl…” on YouTube

We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA Worl…:


In this beautiful video, you can find the brilliant dancer and singerJennifer Lopez who is one of the most influential, successful,  and waelthiest celebrities in the world. She is a great singer , dancer , actress and a movie star in Hollywood. She earns 15 million $ per movie and has accumulated a fortune net worth 315 million dollars. In addition she has supported many charitable organizations that help many people around the world.
In return to her very clear success, we can see this very beautiful videoclip in which she participated and the videoclip got a very large number of views around 300 million views in few months.

Watch “Rihanna – Diamonds” on YouTube

Rihanna – Diamonds:

      Rihanna is  truly shining even more than a precious diamond. She is shining like the moon and stars. She is beautiful and possesses a very wonderful  talent and voice. In deed, she is being now rewarded for her efforts done and appreciated for her God-given talent  because she started singing since she was a teen ager. Singing and music allowed her to overcome obstacles and achieve the quality of life she dreams of. Now ,she is one of the top singers and this videoclip of the song called ” Shining bright  like a diamond ” has got around 500 million views or half a billion people watching this video. This very high number of world population is a great proof of the success of Rihanna. In reality, she is one of the most highly paid singers since her annual income is 48 million dollars and daily income is 192,000 US dollars. In addition,as a philanthropist she contributes socially through offering millions of dollars to support charitable institutions and help children. What a great economic and social achievement she has achieved !