Watch “3 Types of Energy Fields that Are CONTROLLING Your Life (and you don’t even know it)” on YouTube

In this video , the author says that 3 types of energies influence a person without realizing . However , once a person becomes aware of these energy fields ( coming from the society or social conditioning , the energy or emotions or thoughts coming from a place or a location and the energy field coming from own personal experience , mindsets or beliefs ), he or she could become aware of them , observe them , make peace with them, let them go in order for him or her to transcend them and replace them with new beliefs , new emotions of peace , joy , ecstacy and unconditional love . Aaron Doughty says that all truths are true , and each person has different beliefs or thoughts or ideas that he or she believes are right but others may not believe the same. It all depends on his or her own path or own perception. We do not have to cling to a certain belief except those that serve us . Aaron Foughty asked a mentor , what were the beliefs of Jesus and Buddha, he answered that they have no beliefs , just inner knowing or being . They simply knew that the kingdom of God is within each and everyone of us .

With that being said , you observe your thoughts, emotions and beliefs to get inspired to change them for the better. Example , in a certain country especially, in a developing country whatever the country may be or wherever it may be located, if people believe their country is economically underdeveloped or poor , it would stay so. However , if the people in this country or at least the leaders believe in the great human capital of the citizens or that their coutry is blessed with certain natural resources or certain natural aspects , then the nation would develop to gain more financial prosperity and abundance. As only few good expamples for the great economic and techological development of some countries are China, UAE( especially Dubai and Abu Dabi ) and South Korea. All nations and individuals have unlimited potential as they are coming from God or source energy or the creator being unlimited …

Awareness of the unlimited power and unlimited power is a first step to greatness. Our awareness of consciousness transforms to the better ususlly as does the warm sunlight that gives life to us on earth .

Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.

Nhat Hanh

Awareness is the first step to action. They have to know something is going on to know to do something about it.

Derick Virgil


Watch “How to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time? (LOA)” on YouTube

Our higherselves or our divine higher self is timeless , spaceless, limitless and formless , so are we if we feel connection to our higher-selves. Definitely true …

You,  as an extension of the divine , are omnipresent, eternal , omnipotent and omniscient at the right time and at the right place . Everything exists in the now and here . There is no duality on a spiritual level . There is only oneness of  being in the now and here beyond duality . All is interconnected . You are whole , perfect and complete beyond description.

You are not only a particle in the universe but also the universe in the particle .

Watch “How to Make 1 Million Dollars Online in 2019” on YouTube

I agree with of the ideas in this brief video .

Yes , using knowledge that you know well is powerful . I heard that the more you learn , the more you earn .
As Joe Dispenza said , ” If you want to change your personal reality , change your personality. ”

YOUR personality is influenced by what you do , think and feel .

Reprogramming the subconscious beliefs is a key to prosperity and abundance.

Jan Lok said : ” In order to develop and achieve more , you have to reinvent yourself . ” In other words , to become very successful and genius , keep learning new skills and knowledge to replace or release the old ones ( that keep you where you were in the past .
Moreover , ask : ” What value would you offer to the world .?”
As an example ,
I read once about a Tanzanian young man called Patrick Nogwi who has become wealthy first by installing solar panels on rooftops in Tanzania( East Africa ) in places that are still off-grid to put lights on during the night .He really loves what he does .

Watch “My Portfolio Is Down 20%… Here Is My Plan For 2019!” on YouTube

I agree with the Ryan in this video , It is better to buy more when things like the deep falling down of the markets happen like in 2008 and 2009.

You could invest a little now but wait untill markets fall and then double or triple your investing. I have done a brief article about this topic on simple tips to investing on this website .

This video reminds me of ths video he has done with Dan Loc, who mentioned 3 important things in generating income.

1. Acquire a high income skill ( develop and learn new things or educate and invest in yourself more).

2 . Make a scaleable business , a business model you could scale up with just a little money invested .

3 . Make money work for you in different ways like investing in real estates , stock markets , bonds , ETFs, etc …you name them…

Yes , wealth comes with greater knowledge and learning how to use it .Skills , loving to grow, ability to respond with different situations and , networks and offering a value to others help accumulate and multiply wealth .

Watch “3 Tricks of the EGO that BLOCK Success, Happiness and Manifestation” on YouTube

I agree with Aaron that observing and knowing ( without identifying with ) our ego is important to evolve and grow .It is said : ” Those who look outside dream  , those who look inside awaken.”

What Aaron Doughty has mentioned in this video especially in the first tip out of the 3 tips ( he shed light on ) is like taking the middle way between the ego and the higher self or as the zen Buddhism says the moderation or middle way between complete abstinence or overindulgence in this physical world as Alan Watts said in one of his seminars or lectures …Example , doing what you enjoy as a hobby or gaining physical wealth is good to seek and have in your life but do not be obsessed with it . Know that you are whole and complete on a spiritual level with or without physical wealth .

The ego could be our best friendly constructive avatar if it is connected to our higher-self through unconditional love, unconditional joy and peace . The potential is unlimited . Be the best you could be and allow the universe or God to bring to you the best match to the best you at the now here present through peace , mindfullness and unconditional love.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4

In other terms , the kingdom of heaven is within you .

The soulutions to the problems and so expanding and growing ourselves on an intuitive , intellectual and spiritual levels are much easier and simpler than we imagine if they emerge out of love , relaxing peacefully , allowing , being mindful in our actions ,in our  intentions and in our emotions. In that way , we follow the path of least resistance.

What Italians and Italy are famous for …

Italy is famous for being one of the spots in Europe where culture , scientists, artists and thinkers have greatly contributed to the rennaissance and development of Europe historically .The saying that ” Rome was not built in one day .”  And ” All the ways lead to Rome .” imply that Rome was an important center in the Roman empire that controlled the Mediterranean territories in Europe , west Asia or today Middle East and North Africa. Rome has a culture that dates back to antiquity.

Modern Italy has a great culture including music  , cuisine , architect , fashion and Industry .  The following truth make Italy among the most visited and popular touristic destinations in the world. Moreover ,  Italy has a great economic power , as it the 3rd largest economy in the EUROPEAN union . What makes Italy and the Italians  popular and great are the following :

1. Italy is famous for Opera and the Piano instrument that was invented in Italy (The invention of the piano is credited to Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655–1731) of Padua, Italy ). Famous Italian singers are Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli,  ( only to mention a few ). Ballet dancing was invented in Italy at first to spread to the whole earth as an art in dancing .

2 . Italy has a great architectural heritage , historic wonderful buildings and ancient churches as it was a Catholic country and still possesses   a Catholic center being the Vatican city . Pisa tower is a very famous remainder of the ancient world since the     12 th century.

3 . Italy is well known for its artists especially painters like Leonardo Da Vinci  (  Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, more commonly Leonardo da Vinci or simply Leonardo, was an Italian polymath of the Renaissance whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, … Wikipedia )…

4 . Italy is well known for  fashion in designing jewelry, furniture and clothing.  They have well known brands like pucci,  versace, and others.  The love of fashion in Italy is known since centuries … Milan and Rome are important fashion centers in the world alongside Paris , New York and London …

5 . Italy has many famous car brands like Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ferrari.

6.  We could notice that the Italian food is original and delicious . Most people love Pizza and Lasagne.  In many restaurants , you see food menus listing pasta , spaghetti , cappuccino… They use olive oil and Tomato sauce in their cuisine …

7 . Italian scientists have contributed to scientific research and development since the Middle ages . As an Example of many and according to a reference in Wikipedia , Galileo Galilei (Italian: [ɡaliˈlɛːo ɡaliˈlɛi]; 15 February 1564 – 8 January 1642) was an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer, sometimes described as a polymath.Galileo has been called the “father of observational astronomy”, the “father of modern physics”, the “father of the scientific method”,and the “father of modern science”. Another thing I found that the Italian scientists have contributed to is Electroplating , ( which  is a process that uses an electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a thin coherent metal coating  to  protect an electrode from corrosion in a battery. Electroplanting has contributed to producing electric batteries later on .

8 .North of Italy belongs to the developed industrialized world while the South is somehow  like a developing country .

9. The Italians are generally hospitable and friendly just like the Spanish and many other Mediterranean people .

10 . The Italians are known to be family oriented and it is a reason why some companies in Italy are family owned …

11. Millions of  Italians have migrated to Australia , North America and Latin America …

12 . The Italian people  love fashion and being dressed in a good way . It is no surprise that the Italian people have many famous brands of clothes .

13 . The Italian people are generally less organized than people of North Europe , Germany and Uk .

14 . Italian people are louder than other Counterparts of Europe ( like German , French , British and Swedish ). Like many Mediterranean people  they speak in a loud voice usually.

15 . Their language is musical using the vowel letters o  a lot like Italiono , besso ( means a kiss ), Romeo , and ” a  ” like prana and bella ( means ) beautiful  . They have an accent or dialect  that is special that I noticed when I saw Italian people In Tunisia in North Africa .Viva Italia means long live Italy…

16.  I was told that in the past , the Italians used to build their houses from natural rocks but now things have changed .They are well known for building  with Red bricks on the roofs of the houses . In Lebanon , some of the red bricks and other building materials are brought or imported from Italy . Italian building materials  are well known in my country Lebanon and in the Middle East or Near East.

17 . Italy has been a commercial center in the Mediterranean and many Italian cities have prospered due to trading activities in the past .

18. In my country Lebanon , some say that some princes here have imported small Pine trees from Italy to plant them in the region of Mount Lebanon. I see Pine trees from photos taken from Italy …

19. Italian people , like many Mediterranean people , have usually darker skin than other people from Northren and Eastern parts of Europe.

20 . Last , but not least , has a moderate climate , with  sunny beaches in the summer , and skiing resorts in the winter …

These are good characteristics of the Italian people and Italian peninsula that makes Italy uniquely positioned as a touristic destination very popular on the plannet. I have heard a lot about Italy from people who visited Italy and worked    in Italy . Many things are said about Italy and I have read also about the very famous traveler Marco polo who went to the far east reaching China and describing his journey … I hope you enjoy reading …

Much love and blessings …

Thank you for reading …

3 feet from Gold

The title I read in the book called “Think and Grow rich ” by Napolean Hill shows how people could quit only a few steps before their efforts are just about to be rewarded with success , money or Gold .Mr. Darby, a young man at that time , and his uncle started looking for Gold and tried to extract it . They borrowed money and went to buy equipments that could extract Gold from the ground. At first, they could find Gold ores and sell them, but still not enough for them to even repay the money they borrowed . Then , they searched and looked for Gold without finding any more . They decided to quit , sell the equipments to another man and return home to repay their creditors back .

The man who bought the equipments decided to get an expert to calculate and find out exactly where the Gold could be present . He discovered the Gold in the mine just 3 feet from where Mr.Darby and his uncle stopped . This man became a millionaire. The book would mention an idea that more Gold has been extracted from the minds of people than mines of Gold on earth .

Mr. Darby learned the lesson not to give up if he would face a temporary defeat . Success is made by people who persistently work on themselves, learn from their mistakes and always do their best to grasp opportunities and win. Later on , Mr. Darby would become a successful rich insurance salesman who learned the lessons of persistence and faith to succeed.