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Be the best version of yourself , be joyful in the now here for whatever you have and get and trust that the universe has the best for you whatever it maybe. Being the best you could at first , inspires you to act to move with the flow of life And co-create with the universe.
You are already enlightened, whole and complete on a spiritual level and need nothing outside to make you whole and complete.

Find your happiness within and life is not only about achieving a materialistic thing outside yourself . Joy is finding the true kingdom of heaven that is within you in the formless presence or divine essence .
You are an invidualization of God as a wave is an individualization of an ocean so better feel like moving with the flow of life through unconditional love and unconditioned joy.

You move with the flow of life like a boat moving with the stream of the river that feels more joyful , more productive, easier , more efficient and more effective.

When you connect to higher self beyond the ego, you get more knowledgeable about the best for you .


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Yes . You are right as divine beings in a human experience, we are formless unlimited indefinite consciousness changing and evolving .

However , while believing before you could see physically , it is also good to be grateful for what you already have in the now here . As Eckhart Tolle says make peace with what is or whatever the form this moment takes.
In this matter , you get in the state of flow or unconditioned joy and unconditional love.

Yes , inspiration and aspiration to act are all within.
Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you .

You are a mini-copy of the whole universe taking the form of a human .

Just think what and why

Yes , since you are a spiritual divine being in a human body, you are truly unlimited .You are everything in the universe expanding , and everything in the universe is you expanding endlessly.


Since you are one with everything , you could be do or have anything as a poosibility . ALL You could do is set the intention of what it is that you intend , be it a relationship , wealth , health or anything . Just relax , chill out , love unconditionally and allow the universe to deliver what you intend to have , be or do because all you seek is in the infinite field of potentiality in the universe .

Another important thing is to set the deep reason or intention behind why you would love to do , be or have . If your intention is out of unconditional love, joy , peace and for the greater good , then trust the process to allow your higher self, universe and God to deliver and help you manifest what you intend to get into fruition. This good intention or innner motivation is a good signal sent to the universe . The universe simply responds to your energy. ” As within , so without.”

In addition, sometimes , better that you let go of when ( time ) , where ( place ) and how ( the way ) because your higher-self and the universe know the best timing, best place and the best ways in bringing you the best that matches your own energy .The universe is eternal , omnipresent, omniscient and unlimited…So just detach from the time and place and the manner because they know better .Trust that in the grand scheme of things , blessings unfold for your greater good at the right time , right place and best manner  .



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In this video , Teal Swan talks about something like healing your unconscious mind from social conditioning that does not really serve us . Sometimes , we have better question deeply why we feel the way we feel when doing something and get deep into the reason we feel the this way .For instance ,  if we were told in Childhood that success only comes from working hard ( without working smartly as well as giving ourselves some space ) , then we would not feel good if we do not work for long ours like 80 hours or 100 hours a week . Now , if we are aware of these thoughts and emotions , then we could do something like shadow work or unconscious mind reporamming that success and joy are backed up not only by working hard , but also by working smartly , joyfully , whole-heartedly and creatively .As she says , thoughts and emotions are the tip of the iceberg that helps guide us to the whole iceberg and get to the roots of our deep emotions of why we feel the way we feel if we do so and so . Then , we would probably get free will to choose whatever serves us on a deep level physically, mentally , intuitively and spiritually when we shed light on such emotions and become aware of them.

We unleash our unlimited power that is within and rebuild our strength and joy that comes from our higher-self and the wisdom that comes from our inner guidance system . We become creative and inspired to act and navigate through life as a ship is directed by the captain who is helped by the compass ( the emotions in our case). We free our selves and evolve eternally.

However , ” if I wanna be free , I have gonna be me ” as Bob procter said . Be yourself , be real and be authentic . Be unconditionally present in your own self . Being real on what truly brings you joy free from social  conditioning that does not resonate with our true character is great .This helps you be free , aware , more authentic and wise.

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival. 

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Wayne Dyer said : ” when you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change .” Life reflects back  to us what we give  in one way or another be it directly or indirectly. When we are healed , our world improves .

Best wishes .

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To be in alignment with your higherself is to love unconditionally, be grateful , be joyful regardless of what happens and be at peace with all that is present in the moment .The more you are grateful , present and aware of your emotions , the better your conditions become .

It is like the unconditioned eternal consciousness. In other words , it is  realizing that what matters most is the still formless presence within regardless of the outer forms or conditions outside . Example , the weather outside does not have to be sunny for you to feel  grateful and joyful . As your state of consciousness gets better usually , things on the outside start to improve .This is like going beyond your ego mind that wants to figure how should things happen and sensing through your intuition or inner guidance system the way to unlimited abundance. Some call intuition the 6th sense or second nature as well.We move with the flow of universe when you are tuned in to the power of divine infinite intelligence realizing your unlimited potential just like wealthy successful scientists , artists or heroes.

Dolly Patron said:” We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”


As said  , it is better not to try to control everything and force everything but just be tuned into the parallel realities that we prefer .Just relax and allow while doing our passion and enjoying what we are doing .

Aaron Doughty said something nice in one his videos something that means that when you do what you love , you align with your higher self and things on the outside  become less important and you do not limit yourself into a certain goal or level  . Your higher self is unlimited and divine . You enjoy the process of manifestation and move with the flow of life , so there would be less effort , more joy and feeling of fulfillment.There is an inner knowing within you .
As Wayne Dyer says : ” Be open to everything , yet attached to nothing. ”

In intuition or inner guidance system from your higher self , you act from love while ego could act from fear .
Love , especially , unconditional love and unconditioned joy could bind the universe and transmute into higher levels of consciousness.
Acting from unconditional love is like moving with the ebb and flow of life which is easier , more inspiring,more sustainable, more joyful and more peaceful .
Examples are many to act from love and so intuition . Example ego could say do not help strangers but higher self tells you that if you give love , you receive love .
Best wishes …

Things that you may not like may turn into valuable lessons for your growth and evolution. It depends on the meaning or perception that you give to events and things you receive that counts .You may see things as obstacles , stepping stone to success or blessings in disguise .

Absolutely , when you are in alignment with the formless divine presence , you detach from everything and become one with everything that exists .
God is here , there and everywhere.
God is in everyone and everything, so after the winter comes the spring .

After the darkness of the night ,

The sun would shine bright

With joy, we all sing
And divine water we bring
For all of us to drink
More than we would ever think .