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Mirna Hanna, the Iraqi child prodigy

When people think about Iraq, they remember Saddam Hussien, ISIS, suicidal attacks, bombs, terror and fear. But after every night comes a sun shine and after every winter comes a spring.

Mirna is a beautiful child who chose singing to tell the world that her country was once beautiful and that the Islamic State’s voice isn’t the only voice in Iraq. She chose to sing and speak up on behalf of all the free minds of the Iraqi people. For that, ISIS threatened her dad that they would kidnap her if she didn’t stop singing.


Lets put that into perspective!

So at its current state, and unfortunately in Iraq now, its enough for anyone to disagree with ISIS to have himself as a target for their terror. You don’t even need to disagree with them, you just have to be different!  After all, what did the Yazidis do to deserve slaughter, rape and slavery; but you can’t argue reason and common sense with the dark minds of the Islamic State, you can only hope to run away or fend them off.

Mirna Hanna challenged ISIS by her voice, by being beautiful and the biggest sin of all, being different (i.e. She is Christian). So she had to leave Iraq and she currently resides in Lebanon.

To read more about Mirna Hanna, click this link:

Mirna Hanna – ميرنا حنا

But for now, lets hear her sing:



God Bless you and your family, keep singing, the world loves you. Your free and beautiful voice will be the end of ISIS.


Democratic progress in Tunisia

In October 2014 , parliamentary elections took place in Tunisia after 4 years of ending the millitary rule of Zein El Abideen bin Ali in the beginning of 2011. Tunisia that is in North Africa and close to Southern Europe is in a democratization process , since it has entered a transformation into a democratic republic where all political parties can participate in the parliamentry election different than the period before 2011 where only one president and only one political party can rule. The good news that  the secular political party of “Nidaa Tunis ” won the highest number or percentage of votes in the parliamentary elections of October 2014 and next came the moderate islamist political party of elnahda.

We may see some demonistrations here and there and it is natural that in all democracies, some citizens demand improvements in certain areas. It is a right for citizens in democratic countries to have peaceful demonstrations to express their opinions and demands.Journalism freedom  after removing  Bin Ali from his position as president  has improved despite   little repression. An increasing number of citizens are using internet media. We can say that Tunisia in general is in a transitional period towards democracy ,liberty and development just like Europe was in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

The Right of Lebanese Women to Grant Citizenship to their Families

At the beginning of the 21st century, isn’t it an important matter that Lebanese women would be given the right to offer their children (who are part of them) and their husbands (life partners) the Lebanese citizenship especially if they are all living inside Lebanon and granting important services to that country ? In Comparison, a Lebanese man offers his citizenship to his foreign wife in few years. This right mentioned above is an important characteristic of Social justice and equality.

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