Nature tells is that horizons are unlimited like the love of God …

THE Twilight horizons tell us that the divine love are unlimited and awesome . After the tough times , better times come and after the darkness of the night , the sun would sooner or later be shining bright . Have hope and faith … Nature tells is that horizons are unlimited like the love […] Have hope and keep your faith …

Nature tells is that horizons are unlimited like the love of God …

17 thoughts on “Nature tells is that horizons are unlimited like the love of God …”

      1. the state forbids me to enter many places where I used to go. For example, I went to the library, where I often bought books, and where I gave my own. If I have a panic attack, I can’t go to the emergency room because my country’s is closed for covid. I am also at risk of a heart attack and the nearest hospital to me is half an hour from here. If by chance I had any complication they could not operate on me because I do not have the green pass. I live in a dictatorship and I am also obliged to accept rules that go against my personal freedom and my rights. Here in Italy a lot of people are protesting because our freedom has been taken away from us. I am not there with them because I have health problems and I may feel bad. No TV shows this current situation, no newspaper talks about it. They want us not to know that we are many and not a few. Because they want to enslave us all and whoever says no becomes a prisoner like me. You cannot imagine how bad I am for all these limitations. my heart has gotten worse, I can’t sleep anymore and my anxiety drives me crazy.


      2. An English poet said : Stone walls do not a prison make .”
        As long as you are free spirited and detached from reality , you have everything from within from the holy spirit…
        At least , as a European, the country has better situation. Than Syria and Lebanon.
        We always trust in the plans of God that have the best. . .
        God is sending us blessings and miracles …

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      3. I ask many people to pray for me. I try to pray, I try to talk to God but it’s very difficult to think that he let all this terrible situation is happening. In Italy we receive Syria and Lebanon refugees. We help every people who need help. But nobody help us. I’m not fine, I need health asstistance but I can’t have it. It’s orrible. I’ve lost my hope, I’ve lost my creative inspiration. I’m not afraid to die, I believe in Good energy, I want only to go away from here. My heart is under pressure and this is very dangerous for me. Inner stress is very danger for me. Please pray Lord for me. I try to expand my love to save this world. 🙏🙏🙏


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