Volume LXIII: Matrix De-Coded, Part XII – Peace Prophecy


A great interpretation of the film.
Yes , unconditionsl love is a state of being or inner knowing …
As said , unconditional love and blissful ecstacy transform and transmutes everything into a newer better version of themselves …
Yes , you get into knowing and being from within beyond belief and faith …
On a spiritual metaphysical level , you are everything and everything is you in unity with divine oneness of beyong and beyond what our minds and hearts could conceive or come to realize even …

Resurrection is symbolized through Neo who returns to life realizing that life is a dream or like a computer holograph just an illusion of the ego minds .This is the theme in this film called the Matrix that has been originally shown 20 years ago …

Yes , there is renewable beingness, refreshed knowing , regenerative thoughts and emotions, rebirth of self in different dimensions or levels of consciousness and reincarnation metaphorically or literally in different life spans in different areas on earth and maybe in different planets in different galaxies…

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