Apply 12 principles to transcend and Learn …

I have been reading an article about some principles and disciplined ways to transcend , overcome problems after finding solutions to them however or in whatever way you could …

Yes , transcending and solving problems are sometimes easier said than done , but with right disciplined knowledge , divine guidance and inspiration , things get easier , simpler and better …

The 12 Principles of Recovery Explained

Here you are with a summary of the article that I have quoted from the article shared in the link below talking about 12 principles to recover from any problem especially addiction …I have been inspired by a comment on youtube to find this article through Google search engine and I am thankful for the author who has taken the time and effort to write such an informative article …

The conclusion of the article is quoted word by word just in the paragraph beneath :

Keep one very important thing in mind – recovery is a process, not perfection. Sometimes, your progress will be slow, and sometimes, you may even stumble. But the beauty of the Steps and Principles is that you can always start over or pick up where you left off.

The 12 Principles of Recovery Explained

5 thoughts on “Apply 12 principles to transcend and Learn …”

  1. You integrate the past by looking at it in the eyes of unconditional love and peace . You review  it as an opportunity to grow , transcend and evolve into higher levels of consciousness…
        As Aaron Doughty mentions on youtube that you go through non-linear timing because time space physical reality is just an ego perception but  to higher self unconditional love and consciousness or divinity  is all that is …


  2. Through both joy and pain ,
    People could learn , grow and gain …
    If we realize that development is endless
    Nothing goes in vain
    Prepare yourself to realize that blessings would pour down like rain …


  3. 5th d reality is shifting into higher levels of consciousness to tap into parallel realities like each parallel reality is like each  reality of us is being recalled or recorded in a different DVD as I have a heard on a youtube video channel…


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