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   God is loving , but all you have to do is being more grateful and optimisic trusting in our universe or the divine will. You,as a human being have unlimited potentials , but all you have to do in order to advance and positively develop is to reconnect to your outer world with constructive positive thoughts and happy loving emotions. Starting to work on your inside thoughts and emotions , you can make a new reality. Having thoughts and emotions of love , trust , enlightenment ,forgiveness , consciousness and so on, you can create ( with the  support of Godly will ) a better world live in. Positive and constructive thoughts and feelings can make you take good actions to have step by step improvement in life whether individually or publicly.

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How to Manifest Anything Anytime Preview:

When you meditate quietly and feel peaceful and calm, you are in contact with the universal mind or God. You have to believe and trust that the universe will bring good things to you. Sometimes , you have to take inspired action and trust your mind and emotions especially when you feel it is time to take action and move on with the flow of the universe. You have to be open and prepared to benefit from any opportunity life offers you to rise up and succeed. Sure to get beautiful things , you should love and be glad with what you are doing. Love all that you receive even if you are not exactly what you seek. Be happy , thankful and see what you desire as manifested and done in the now. Some perceive time to just be an illusion, so the past , now and the future is all one. Always forgive yourself of the past , learn from it and recreate in your mind in a better way to get an improved and wonderful future. Reality is a reflection of ones mind and thoughts, so the universe gets the signal from your thoughts . Therefore, always care to have good and happy thoughts. The human mind is the highest level of creation created by God , so before anything can happen in the world , it has to happen in the human mind.Feel the joy and send love to find and get increasing joy, blessing and love.In that manner , you will connect more to the universal mind created by God. God is loving and generous. Believe also that the universe is friendly. All you can get and grasp is many great aspects of life.

Reasons of German economic success

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Economy Horizons

One of the programs that contribute to German success at being an economic hub in Europe
( especially in highly qualified industrial products ) is the combination or merge between theoretical studies and practical experiences of sudents in highschools before graduation. They send students at the age of 15 or to 16 to practice what they are learning and get a real life experience and more into depth knowledge of their future career that they are studying or willing to study. For example, a student willing to study mechanical when at highschool mechanical engineering is sent to a factory to work to get to know if he or she is fit to that job or not. If interested, he or she can receive pre -high school training before even going to college or university.In that manner, students will become more skilled at what they do and improve and increase German…

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Animals are useful


Animals are blessings from God and nature. Animals can be a source of joy and a way to improve your mood. They can encourage you to walk in nature getting fresh air. Not only they can be delightful to watch them grow and live , but they can be a source of income and living. Here is a cock with few hen eating from the ground and from nature , which helps chicken lay eggs and provide people with healthy organic food.
It is good for farmers to let their chickens eat from the nature in vast lands that are far away from where people live . Even if farmers feed them with corn and wheet, leaving chicken free to eat from the land and nature can be a plus. Farmers can provide people with healthy food and get good income for an improved standard of living. In general, everything in the world was created for a purpose and can have general benefit for the society and so is raising up animals which if one is interested , can benefit people in many ways.