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Watch “Madonna – Like a Prayer [Official Music Video]” on YouTube

Madonna – Like a Prayer [Official Music Video]:

   This song called ” like a prayer”,one among many songs and video music  for the very famous superstar Madonna  ,has been ranked number one of the year when it was first issued. Madonna   is widely talented , successful,  and brilliant as a singer, actress, songwriter , director, philanthropist and a business woman. As  a result, Madonna is the highest paid musician for the year 2013 with an annual income at that year surpassing 125 million dollars. According to information from Wikipedia, her networth or wealth accumulated was $  500 million in September 2013.

  There is no surprise in the fact that  this awesome video music alone has attracted more than 2 million views in one year. Madonna is a beautiful woman with a very wonderful voice and Charisma.   Hope that you all enjoy this video.