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Man made diamonds


Synthetic diamonds are also called laboratory created diamonds or laboratory made diamonds. They can be of different colours like blue, green, yellow and others.These artificial diamonds are made from pure carbon put under high temperature and high pressure and many other methods. They found that diamonds are formed very deep under ground through high temperature and high pressure , and so in similar manner they can produce precious artificial diamonds that has some good properties as well like hardness, thermal conductivity and electric mobility.  According to a website under Wikipedia, 98 % of diamonds used in industry  is from synthetic diamonds because it is cheaper than natural diamonds. Some  methods are used to distinguish natural diamonds from synthetic ones. Synthetic diamonds are used in production of semiconductors , machine tools and  optical applications. Synthetic diamond industry which is progressing recently and costs less than real natural diamonds , can be used in making cheaper jewellery for customers who care for less prices rather than more expensive jewellery and real diamonds.