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Life would flow …

Let it go for joy to flow …
Be it  quick or  slow ,
Allow life thoroughly to glow ,
Ups and downs come in a row ,
FOR us to do really grow ,
As we all get to know ,
As within, so without  you go ,
, as above , so is below ,
Life is but a dream to show ,
So you reap what you  sow…



Watch “Manifest Anything You Want – The Secret Law Of At…” on YouTube

Manifest Anything You Want – The Secret Law Of At…:

The way you think, believe , visualise and act , you shape your life in the future. If you are truly optimistic in life, grateful for what you have , loving and looking forward for abundance and success, you will be really blessed with more than enough love , joy , financial abundance and facilities. You can increase your connection with infinite intelligence or the creator of this world through prayers, meditation , love and help to others. If you give , you shall receive back. The generous will flourish and prosper. Those who help others, will themselves be helped and refreshed. What you intend for yourself and others , you receive. Of course, to give more you have to vecome more.
For you to be better in terms of wisdom , health and wealth, you have to really believe and act as if great things are going to happen to you. You can use a superior power of your mind and spirit to attract all goodness and blessings into your life. You will have unlimited capacity to evolve and draw awesome things to your life ;
All you have to do is to continously believe in yourself , take some inspired and disciplined action towards your goals because we live in a genuinely loving and generous world. Life is meant to be abundant.Seek and you will find. Hope that our dreams will come try in God’s will.

You can read the book called “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne or watch her movie ” The Secret “