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Watch “The MOST Important Thing You Should Manifest | LOA” on YouTube

In this video , the author is saying find your inner peace , find your inner joy or feeling of worth and all things shall follow . The most important thing to manifest is inner love and self- acceptance regardless if you are where you want to be or no . Observe your ego talking and keep a distance from it while loving your ego , reprogram the ego self and reproram your self to be a better you that is joyful for no reason , loving andxpeaceful . In taking peaceful moments and finding a space within yourself you find true wealth or opulence .

Sometimes , it is better to get into our stillness of being and relax to create a space or tap into the universal of energy beyond our ego mind . This is intuition which could be divided as in = inward and tuition which is guidance or knowing or instruction . Intuition is like an inner knowing or inner guidance or beingness beyond our thoughts …

Eckhart Tolle says something that is like happiness or joy is in the connection to the divine formless presence within us as within in the now here in all the exists beyond the form …You become unconditionally joyful because you accept and appreciate what is and then things on the outside seem purer …

This is all like :” Seek the kingdom of God first and everything shall be added unto you. “