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All in all …Listen to this call …

All is one and One is all “
In light and love ,  we can recall ,
Peace and  joy are  our goal ,
Easy to flow , with life we scroll,
We share the view of such a call ,
Never too big but never too small , everyone could call all in all ,
With people like you ,
We ‘re beyond control …
With God , we become complete and whole …
Say once again, stars never would  fall …

Mountaineous regions in Lebanon…

Watch “Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way” on YouTube

Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way:

   The music band called backstreet boys is very famous. This is a very beautiful video song which is full of influential emotions,  love and joy showing you how much beautiful things in life can be present. If you are desire love and joy in music and songs , you can really find them to increase your happiness level and improve quality of life. We all want that way going in a progressive positive direction.

Blessings to all