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Does China’s Friendship With Russia Really Have ‘No Limits’? | OilPrice.com


As this article shared in the link states , China is in a precarious ( careful ) position to remain neutral during Russian and pro-west Ukraine ( that is supported by European nations and USA economically and military-wise). Despite the fact that China looks towards a multipolar world coordinating with Russia , China has among one of its best interest to please its the European Union and USA who remain a huge market for Chinese exported goods and services worldwide in comparison to the Russian market .

Although China can still import oil and gas in a legal way making a way around western economic sanctions against the Russian Putin regime , China still has to coordinate with the European Union and USA as they have are very large importers or customers buying Chinese goods . China can not exceed certain limits concerning its political and economic ties with Russia .The west is proposing to get energy supply to substitute Russian fossil fuels with alternatives be it fossil fuels , green hydrogen , renewables, biofuels or whatever they can .In that manner , China is doing what it can to stay neutral and have a healthy balance its stance between its relation with The western world versus Russia …The western world has great economic power and technological innovations that are influential and large with all respect and love to all countries and nations , both developed and developing ones .

Note : I am from Lebanon and I know that Russia has great economic , technological and military power but generally speaking Russia is still a rising power that has less economic , technological and financial power than the Western liberal world with all its allies in relative comparisons. Many Russian scientists do leave Russia ( that has an autocratic regime ) to other countries where they are paid much more in other European nations , Australia and North America enjoying more liberties there .

Democratic progress in Tunisia

In October 2014 , parliamentary elections took place in Tunisia after 4 years of ending the millitary rule of Zein El Abideen bin Ali in the beginning of 2011. Tunisia that is in North Africa and close to Southern Europe is in a democratization process , since it has entered a transformation into a democratic republic where all political parties can participate in the parliamentry election different than the period before 2011 where only one president and only one political party can rule. The good news that  the secular political party of “Nidaa Tunis ” won the highest number or percentage of votes in the parliamentary elections of October 2014 and next came the moderate islamist political party of elnahda.

We may see some demonistrations here and there and it is natural that in all democracies, some citizens demand improvements in certain areas. It is a right for citizens in democratic countries to have peaceful demonstrations to express their opinions and demands.Journalism freedom  after removing  Bin Ali from his position as president  has improved despite   little repression. An increasing number of citizens are using internet media. We can say that Tunisia in general is in a transitional period towards democracy ,liberty and development just like Europe was in the nineteenth and twentieth century.