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Sticky Note From God ~07.06.21~


Always delight and trust in God no matter what…

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God may seem far ,

Shining like a star ,

But , in fact , God is so near

For us , in the now here ,

The guidance can be clear ,

Making our lives pleasant and dear…

9 Reasons Doing Less Gets You More – Kate Northrup


This is a book that has a concept saying that doing less and taking enough time to rest and refresh your energy could make you focus more on what really matters in life and do things even more better . You listen to the subtle voices in nature and within your intuitive insights . You listen to your heart more peacefully and become more proactive in progressing and developing to improved states of being . You fee connected to your real core essence if you work no more than you can .Sometimes, yes , less is more and better …


Watch “This Old Man’s Advice If You Should Quit Your Job (tao wisdom)” on YouTube

Follow your own way of joy be it in a hermit , be it in a farm , be it in the mountains or the seaside , be it working for a large company in the city …Find your purpose and meaning in what you love and the rest would follow sooner or later . Things in life do not have to be complicated and living simply might be to some better and of higher quality than complicated or complex fancy lifestyle .Again, you do not have to listen to things that do not resonate with your heart and mind but try things for yourself as unexpected things may or may not be experienced .

The divine is omnipresent…

God is in everyone and everything,

After the winter comes the spring,

The divine is not limited by anyone or anything ,

All that matters is a wonderful impartial thing…

Some may consider these line awesome . Some may view this as pantheism or animism…Well , with all objectivity , love and impartiality I say , things in life and vast spaciousness or pure consciousness whether in form or beyond the forms we see , hear , taste , smell or touch , are as they are beyond the duality and polarity or judgement or even observation …Regardless of how we perceive and look at things, whether we are religious or not , things are whatever they really are and sometimes beyond our understanding . Infinite number of timelines exist and so we shpuld question everything always and renew our concepts and life insights. We should try to upgrade our understanding inside outside to broaden our awareness .As a particular example , sometimes , animals have more extrasensory perceptions that even the most advanced man-made machines may or may not even foresee or predict like the Tsunami that happened in previous decades in South and Southest Asia . Some cats and dogs took their offsprings away from the seashore or seaside to protect them .Pure consciousness and divine light is never separate from any creature and every creature absorbs as much divine energy and wisdom as much as it can …

All in all …Listen to this call …

All is one and One is all “
In light and love ,  we can recall ,
Peace and  joy are  our goal ,
Easy to flow , with life we scroll,
We share the view of such a call ,
Never too big but never too small , everyone could call all in all ,
With people like you ,
We ‘re beyond control …
With God , we become complete and whole …
Say once again, stars never would  fall …

Mountaineous regions in Lebanon…

Animals are useful


Animals are blessings from God and nature. Animals can be a source of joy and a way to improve your mood. They can encourage you to walk in nature getting fresh air. Not only they can be delightful to watch them grow and live , but they can be a source of income and living. Here is a cock with few hen eating from the ground and from nature , which helps chicken lay eggs and provide people with healthy organic food.
It is good for farmers to let their chickens eat from the nature in vast lands that are far away from where people live . Even if farmers feed them with corn and wheet, leaving chicken free to eat from the land and nature can be a plus. Farmers can provide people with healthy food and get good income for an improved standard of living. In general, everything in the world was created for a purpose and can have general benefit for the society and so is raising up animals which if one is interested , can benefit people in many ways.