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Animals are useful


Animals are blessings from God and nature. Animals can be a source of joy and a way to improve your mood. They can encourage you to walk in nature getting fresh air. Not only they can be delightful to watch them grow and live , but they can be a source of income and living. Here is a cock with few hen eating from the ground and from nature , which helps chicken lay eggs and provide people with healthy organic food.
It is good for farmers to let their chickens eat from the nature in vast lands that are far away from where people live . Even if farmers feed them with corn and wheet, leaving chicken free to eat from the land and nature can be a plus. Farmers can provide people with healthy food and get good income for an improved standard of living. In general, everything in the world was created for a purpose and can have general benefit for the society and so is raising up animals which if one is interested , can benefit people in many ways.