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After sunset , the night gives way to a dawn …


After the night ends ,

The morning sunshine gives a way to a new day …🏕🌏🌎🌍🌝⛅🌧

YES , AS SAID , Tomorrow is another day …

New circumstances arrive for you to adapt with and make the best use of .

A new day to deal with given all the ups and downs of life … Sometimes , people move and sometimes , people stay still to relax and stay grounded and connected to their pure consciousness…

Flowers do stay connected and grounded…

Do your best to be inspired for your ultimate path …Well , others can suggest but no one can always really tell what is the best for you to choose . Listen to your heart and mind because they are channels through which the divine presence can give you inspiration or guidance or hints where to be present …Yes , you may discuss with others and seek advice or counsel but no one can be you except you because you know your circumstances more than anyone else and you know your likes and the opposite …

Life would flow …

Let it go for joy to flow …
Be it  quick or  slow ,
Allow life thoroughly to glow ,
Ups and downs come in a row ,
FOR us to do really grow ,
As we all get to know ,
As within, so without  you go ,
, as above , so is below ,
Life is but a dream to show ,
So you reap what you  sow…


Rens shoes Original – World’s 1st Coffee Sneaker


A company , called Rens , has been a startup new company established by people from Finland . They have successfully completed the initiative, after many trials and errors , to produce sport sneaker or shoes from recycled plastic and polyester that come from bottles and cups . It is an example of circular economy and green economy that recycle post -industrial material . It seems as a sustainable economic development. Hence , the company sells products in 100 countries around the world …

Uniting like a rainbow colors for divine missions in life …

Uniting forever through an awesome call,

A mission we reach  forever and for  all ,

Whatever we find   , we can  recall,

It is a splendid joy to take this role ,

sparking  the rays of rainbow beyond control,

Far  through eternity of a heavenly  soul…

Stars do shine beautifully  overall…

Sticky Note From God ~07.06.21~


Always delight and trust in God no matter what…

( The above link shared )

God may seem far ,

Shining like a star ,

But , in fact , God is so near

For us , in the now here ,

The guidance can be clear ,

Making our lives pleasant and dear…

9 Reasons Doing Less Gets You More – Kate Northrup


This is a book that has a concept saying that doing less and taking enough time to rest and refresh your energy could make you focus more on what really matters in life and do things even more better . You listen to the subtle voices in nature and within your intuitive insights . You listen to your heart more peacefully and become more proactive in progressing and developing to improved states of being . You fee connected to your real core essence if you work no more than you can .Sometimes, yes , less is more and better …


Prayer for abundance and wealth

Watch “The Most Powerful Abundance Prayer I’ve Come Across” on YouTube

God is generous .He is our real source of goodness.If we truely believe in him, the creator of the world, he will give us abundantly. He is all mighty and all capable to give and as you say nothing  is too good to true because God supplies us    but we should be thankful for all the blessings in our life.
Another thing to be attentive to is that God never takes something away from us unless he gives something better in return. He never closes a door to wealth untill he opens other greater doors as sources of wealth and goodness. We need to help freely from our hearts whenever we can.