Ukrainian – Russian affairs 2014

Historically and geographically, Ukraine is located and influenced by both Europe in the western border and Russia in the eastern border. After the collapse of the Soviet Union (mostly dominated by Russia), Ukraine became an independent state which turned afterwards to be a crossroad or an overlapping sphere between the European Union and the Russian federation. The enlargement of the European Union and NATO to include new countries in Eastern Europe like Poland , Estonia, Czech republic, Romania and others that were previously under the rule or influence of Soviet Union was another slap to the Russian Federation. Russia responded by an attempt to regain its power and influence especially in Eastern Europe where it had former allies close to her border. Is this the start of another cold war again between Russia and Western World?

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The Secret to Riches

Where is a will there is a way. If you are really focused on something you want and willing intentionally to form your life in a positive way, you will get it. As it is said, life is what you make. Where focus goes, energy flows and results show. You can attract what you want if you focus on it and take some disciplined actions. There is more than enough goodness in life and so many creative ideas to attract riches in this world bcause God is generous, all-merciful and all loving. At last, the bible says seek and you will find.

When there is  a will, there is a way.
When there is a will, there is a way.

Would Blackberry be Revived and Changed for the Better ?

Blackberry Passport
Blackberry Passport
From Flickr
User: Maurizio Pesce

Lately, there has been many signs that Black Berry might be going to be revived, improved  and strengthened ( it is possible but is it too late?). According to the latest news, the company has innovated a new mobile phone called “passport ” having the size of a passort and something like a smart phone. This newly manufactured  phone is geared towards professionals and  can help investors, doctors and managers of companies in their jobs and professions. Moreover, in the process of attracting more customers and thus making more revenues from selling greater amount of  products and services, they are trying to offer better prices to existing and potential customers. For example, this  “passport ” phone is 50 $ cheaper than recent versions of Apple smart phones. Probably , due to new innovations, creativity, workforce restructure and reduction in operational costs, Black Berry has reported less than expected  quarterly loss on Friday September 26 , 2014 and its shares rose nearly 5 %. Nowadays, the company is focusing on growth in revenues, profits and useful investments. To illustrate, the company has increased the amount of its cash, cash equivalent short-term and long-term investments from $ 2.6 billion at the second quarter of 2014  to $ 3.2 Billion at the end of third quarter of 2014. In addition, the company is debt-free. Accordingly, it has acquired big patent portfolio such as encryptional technology (adopted by US government ) constituting an asset like Gold. In the latest years, Black Berry having some kind of partnership with the US government, was helped and saved by the US government which rules democratically a nation of very powerful economy and very high GDP.

Finally, the biggest and most important question remains unclear; is Black Berry going to become profitable and successful again? Hope that the answer would be yes and this company would improve and grow step by step and day after day.

Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp, so what is next?

The owner of Facebook Zuckerberg did a good job acquiring Whatsapp and Instagram. First of all , he newly got ownership  of two leading  companies in their fields, which will just add value to Facebook and contribute to its growth. He created wealth without spending much money but by printing its own currency of newly created shares as Facebook enjoys billion of dollars of revenues and billions of dollars of shares and market value. Facebook has created wealth and enlarged its values by producing its new own stocks alongside with little cash to buy Whatsapp  and at the same time limiting ownership of these shares to its own employees. Though it acquired Whatsapp and Instagram but it left its management free and independent because Whatsapp and Instagram know how to follow market trends and new shifts in technology and applications used.

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg
The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg
From Flickr
User: TechCrunch

Whatsapp has 450 million customers and does add value to Facebook that has more than 1 billion users ( 550 million daily active users). As they said that Zuckerberg seems going with market trends and keeping up-to-date with respect to technological development and market. In comparison ,Google got benefits from acquiring many companies like Youtube ,Ita software,  Motorolla and others that helped Google grow into one of the largest companies in the world. Will this acquisition make Facebook grow better and larger in terms of revenues and market value as Zuckerberg made his company prosperous and successful starting few years earlier ?

This article was inspired by Forbes Article: Three Smart Lessons From Facebook’s Purchase Of WhatsApp

A high value of domestic credit to private sector (% of GDP) is a sign of a strong economy!

One of the indications or signs (but not the only one), of economic development and prosperity is the development and increasing share (role) of private sector in the national economy or GDP of a certain country. Referring to data from the world Bank, an economic measure of so called domestic credit to private sector ( % to GDP ) means that financial resources like loans and non equity securities are provided to the private sector by financial institutions like banks and other financial corporations all measured as percentages with respect to GDP ( or national size of economy ) . The higher this measure is, the higher financial resources or financing is to private sector in a country and so the greater opportunity and space for the private sector to develop and grow. The better the private sector gets and bigger role it has in national economy , the better is generally the health and development of the economy of this country is. To illustrate taking examples from statistics done by World Bank, China in 2013 has the ratio of domestic credit to private sector / GDP at a rate of 133.7 % . This explains why China has succeeded in high economic growth because it allowed a space and opportunity for private sector to get financing and as a result emerge and grow leading to a mixed economy instead of just communism. Another examples in 2013, Australia, USA , and UK have indications of 122.4% , 183.6 % and 176.8 % respectively , which is one measure that these countries have well developed and advanced economies because private companies have great financing as US companies for example have 13,000 billion $ of loans . In contrast, with all respect to developing countries like Algeria in North Africa and Argentina in Latin America have this ratio of 14.5 % and 14.6 % respectively ( although both rich in minerals and natural resources like oil, metals and agricultural products) means that private sector have less role.( These countries in one way or another have recently military regimes with governmental dominance for some decades). In general, this is a one important ( but not the only one ) indicator or measure of economic degree of development and success because it shows the well being and goodness of private sector working hand in hand with public or governmental sector especially nowadays.

Argentina is the future of USA… no… not really!

I was browsing through macro economic material through the web and I came across this interesting video where the author argues that the future of USA ‘s economy is as gloomy as that of Argentina’s economy in our current days, please watch the video and then read my comment below.


Here is what I think and here is why I disagree with the video:

USA is different than Argentina at least in the few coming decades. First of all , US has much higher average income (a good way to reflect on personal income is by comparing the GDP per capita of both countries) and much larger economic size than Argentina (GDP Purchasing Power Parity). The US is the third largest exporter of goods and services in the world after Germany and China. Meanwhile the USA has More than 20,000 BILLION $ Invested world wide in stocks and financial derivatives in the world. Let us not forget, US $ is still most used currency in the world trade and the reserve currency in the world and so on.

United States has the highest research and development related spending in the world;  International talents are continuously seeking migration to USA and do finally find their way to reputable universities and big companies where most of the Research and Development usually takes place. The author of the video has a point that in years things will change because there are new emerging powers like China ,Turkey, India , South Korea and Brasil. Maybe in the coming 50 years , these rising economies will become super powers to surpass USA, the same way USA became a superpower stronger than France and Britain. Even then, USA will still have high economic relevance and competitiveness, the same way France and Britain are still of great importance to world economy.

Great Economy of USA

The United States of America has the largest size of economy in the world. The US real GDP* (Gross Domestic Product after taking inflation into account) in the second quarter of 2014 has become approximately 16,000 billion dollars, which is around one fifth of the world economy. The economic growth was 4.2 % in second quarter of 2014 that was higher than many developed countries. Meanwhile, the US Dollar “$” is the most widely used currency in international transactions and world trade as a reference and a means of exchange nowadays. Moreover, the US dollar constitutes 61% of the world reserve currency according to some statistics. The total national wealth of USA in 2008 was $ 118 trillion (including $ 57 trillion or $ 57,000 billion household net worth). In 2009, 30 % of the entire world’s millionaires were residing in US. In 2011, 34 % of the world billionaires were American. All of the mentioned facts and statistics above are an indication that USA is one of the wealthiest nations on earth.
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The Right of Lebanese Women to Grant Citizenship to their Families

At the beginning of the 21st century, isn’t it an important matter that Lebanese women would be given the right to offer their children (who are part of them) and their husbands (life partners) the Lebanese citizenship especially if they are all living inside Lebanon and granting important services to that country ? In Comparison, a Lebanese man offers his citizenship to his foreign wife in few years. This right mentioned above is an important characteristic of Social justice and equality.

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The strength of the Lebanese Banking Sector

Lebanon is a country of wonders and miracles ranging from famous artists and singers like “Fayrouz” to brilliant poets and writers like Gibran khaleel Gibran and from magnificent nature to many scientists and inventors of Lebanese descent scattered in the world. Hence, one of the wonders of Lebanon is its firm and prosperous banking sector which contributes to turning Beirut into an important regional financial center and providing support and guarantee to the whole Lebanese economy.

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Will The Euro Currency Persist?

The European Union and specifically the Euro zone have no good or interest in banishing (getting rid) of the unified currency called “Euro”. The Euro is an important sign of the unification of the economies of 17 European countries giving them more competitive advantage in comparison to many rising and developing nations in the world as well. Second, it is a better way for them to open up their borders for transfer of goods, services, labour, and skills among them. Then, this is a manner for those countries whether advanced like Germany, France and Holland for instance or less developed (with all respect) in Europe like some countries in Southern Europe to stay protected from both inflation and recession. These are some advantages of the Euro currency, which faces some challenges now and countries adopting it are trying to resolve the problem of accumulated public debt.

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