Watch “Oil Flashpoints See Production Rebound” on YouTube ( Sometimes , political cold war influences markets in a hidden way …)

Sometimes , hidden political agendas are being market swings.It is not only that supply tights cause the surge in oil prices in the markets, but also the political pressure plus  socioeconomic influence that the world largest countries employ for some political influences in the world .

It seems like the Cold war has returned one way or the other …
   Example , one reason of the collapse of the Soviet union was the lower prices of oil in the 1980s , as USA can put political pressure on some countries in the Middle East or Africa or other regions to oversupply oil and lower oil prices as what happened possibly in the 1980s , which was one reason of the collapse of the Totalitarian regime of the past Soviet Union …But as for Now , the rising fuel prices caused by the higher oil prices could possibly be fueled by the Western world to pressure the regime in Kazakhistan that is allied with Russia . Socioeconomic status is somehow interconnected with political power world wide. YES , THERE are market forces influenced by world events as opening up of the world even during the spread of omicron variant of Covid19 .Someone would say ask ” : why would USA raise oil prices as they are one of the largest consumers of oil ?”.USA ( and its neighbor Canada ) is now a world major producer of oil including shale oil plus the USA can print billions of dollars as the US dollar is a reserve currency of the world . The freemasonary or the illuminati that seems like the shadow governments or the world elites that rule the world secretly have great influence of the world socioeconomic and political regimes worldwide . Yes , there might be unpredicted events every now and then in every country and in changes happening within societies but these ultra rich or great capitalists linked to the freemasonary do influence the world directly or indirectly . Example , Black Rock investment corporation manages alone more than 9000 billion dollars worldwide . The western world keeps talking about spreading democracy and protecting human rights but there seems to be new cold war between Russian led coalition or the Eastern Block of Belurus, Kazakhistan, and others in central Asia and the western World including USA , the European Union countries, Canada and so on …


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