Making a Real Estate Investment in Kenya, a smart move? – The Wandering Investor

Kenya is considered an economic and political enter in the region of East Africa which is close to the rich oil countries like Saudi Arabia , UAE including Dubai and Qatar in the Middle East or the Arabian peninsula. Kenya has a beautiful landscape and green lands as well if you love to diversify across several countries especially in real estate that are more stable than stock markets …Here are some reasons as to why Kenya has real estate investment in an emerging market…

1 . A growing economy in Kenya .It is according to the article an industrial hub and economic hub in East Africa.

2. They are promoting renewable energy resources among of these renewables are solar energy in houses and geothermal power for the public electric energy generation /

3 . The population is young and there are reforms done within the country …The literacy rate in Kenya has reached in the recent years around 80 percent in adults above 15 years old …

4 . A developing infrastructure as some infrastructure projects are being established as the website shared says …

These are some reasons of why to invest in real estate in Kenya as the constitution in Kenya allows foreigners to own real estate in their names since 2010 …

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