9 Ways To Become Rich in 2022


Note , money is not everything but just a way used to help ourselves and others make a living especially if employed for the general good of all in a righteous manner …If interested, please see the article in the link shared above …

God bless all …


3 thoughts on “9 Ways To Become Rich in 2022”

  1. Most of this is simply solid financial advice. God calls us to be good stewards of the blessings which He bestows on us. Some of it, such as starting one’s own company or participating in a start-up and collecting stock, can be very risky, and one should seek God about whether this is a way He would lead. REITs and NFTs take a lot of reading and self-education to avoid losing one’s shirt!
    But ideas like reducing debt, watching risk carefully, focusing on retirement (even at 18 years old!), affiliate marketing and increasing savings are all excellent strategies for increasing financial security.
    Just remember to trust more in God than in money. šŸ˜‰
    ā¤ļø&šŸ™, c.a.


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