Watch “Make Time Your Friend, Not Your Enemy” on YouTube

Making time your friend is through the way of love and being humble enough to learn from Each other and grow together just like a family does or like faithful loyal true friends do and like the metaphor of a person who nourishes and waters the tree that provides him with food and oxygen …

We get more enlightened if we see Each other as equal neither superior nor inferior to one another …This would be more similar to a win/win case scenario to be more humble to see all points and views as many possibilities do exist. We are all equal but different versions of the same oness of presence .We can learn from others’ insights and experiences but we can also give examples and insights through our own experiences that are different than anyone else but no one is a copy paste of another person . According to the bible, God could use ordinary simple things to do extraordinary miracles . Even if you are not a genius or others do not see you as very smart and intelligent , any kind of contribution you do can accumulate to make a difference hopefully for the better …


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