Power of the calming presence beyond the identification with any thought or form …

The power of now by Eckhart Tolle talks about being present and transcending the thinking mind .You become aware and you can  take time to rest from thinking to calm the  mind and just be aware and conscious .This space allows more room and space for inspiration .In another book called power versus force , pure consciousness seems related to ultimate enlightenment where you find calmness and peace and even more . You realize that ultimate awareness and consciousness is more like your divine presence or pure existence beyond the rational logical mind .I think this is what help you become more interconnected to higher awareness or ultimate consciousness no matter what the method you realize or put into practice whether meditating or praying or contemplating the universe or being present with nature with all its aspects . This helps the free flow of life , of inspiration , of calmness , of inspirational thoughts and concepts . Dear readers , who of you has read that Isaac Newton was inspired by a falling apple on him while sleeping or sitting under an apple tree in UK as his father was a farmer there ?

There is a saying that mentions that :” Wisdom tells me that I am nothing .Love tells me that I am everything and between the two , my life flows …

Yes , we are one with love with all its aspects of life with consciousness and we are this nothingness beyond any identification of any form , or idea or concept or description . Just realize that neither your job and occupation or thoughts or deeds can define you .They influence your physical reality but they are not fixed and can be altered or changed whether fast or slowly , whether apparently or discretely, whether you realize it or not …All of You can change or at least influence or help reprogram the matrix as everything is like a dream or illusion …

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