Jesus Is My Everything ~

Jesus is my everything,He gives me peace and calmto my soul He is just like . . .a healing, soothing balm. Whenever I am fearful,with feelings of dismayedHe whispers in my earChild be ye not afraid. Jesus is my everything,He gives me tranquilityinto my life He bringseverlasting stability. When I am fainthearted,when feeling overwhelmedHe whispers […]

Jesus Is My Everything ~

4 thoughts on “Jesus Is My Everything ~”

  1. Dear “Eco,” I sincerely hope your renewed emphasis on the Bible and its teachings are from your heart. You are prayed for every day. Please email me at and tell me how you are doing and what is happening in Lebanon. Our news has shifted to Afghanistan so much that hardly anything else seems to matter to our broadcasters.
    your friend, always, c.a.


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