Watch “The Sun rays are reflected on the sea…” on YouTube

Look at nature and watch the sea ,

Nature created for all , for you and me ,

We are one with nature that we can see ,

Here is how we intend to do and be …

4 thoughts on “Watch “The Sun rays are reflected on the sea…” on YouTube”

  1. Your blogs that affirm the Bible’s teachings are very good, and your photography of Lebanon is soooo inviting. I would love to visit this beautiful land someday, not just because of your photography but because of Lebanon’s place in the Bible.
    However, lines such as “We are one with nature that we can see” suggest a pantheism that is incorrect and does not jibe with reality.
    your friend, always, c.a.


      1. He has revealed Himself as intelligent, emotional and volitional. When He created the angels, they were also created in His image, but with as full a revelation of Him as they could ever understand.
        When He created Adam and Eve, He limited their understanding of who He is and of what and who they were.
        This opened the dimension of faith that they had to exercise; to TRUST Him.
        We are in God’s image in that we also have intelligence, emotions and free will.
        These are things which the rest of the creation barely share with us.
        You, my friend, are in my daily prayers, because you seem to be truly searching to know The God Who Is. He is not far from any of us, and He reveals Himself to any searching heart.
        “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13
        Love and prayers, c.a.

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