5 thoughts on “Is Everything That Exists Part of God? (Pantheism)”

  1. While there is divine immanence of God in everything existing and connected to all that is , God is unlimited by anyone or anything because there is transcence .
    God is eternal and unlimited, beyond time and place or any description or definition or conceptualization…


  2. This site, blueletterbible, states my case very well. The divine may, emphasis on MAY, live in a human’s heart. But He is separate from His creation.
    He is an infinite, yet personal being, who has revealed Himself most clearly in the God/man, Jesus, who is the fullness of the Godhead in human form.
    Though in some measure we will never, even through all the ages of eternity comprehend Him fully, we CAN understand some things about Him because if His self-revelation. I.e., we can conceive Who and What Gis us because He reveals Himself to any open heart. Praying for you, my Lebanese friend. ☺️


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