9 Reasons Doing Less Gets You More – Kate Northrup


This is a book that has a concept saying that doing less and taking enough time to rest and refresh your energy could make you focus more on what really matters in life and do things even more better . You listen to the subtle voices in nature and within your intuitive insights . You listen to your heart more peacefully and become more proactive in progressing and developing to improved states of being . You fee connected to your real core essence if you work no more than you can .Sometimes, yes , less is more and better …



11 thoughts on “9 Reasons Doing Less Gets You More – Kate Northrup”

  1. “subtle voices in nature, your intuitive insights, listen to your heart, improved states of being, your real core essence.” All nice-sounding words that detract from the truth.
    Yes, rest is extremely important, but the motive here is all wrong. Everything is oriented about what makes life nice for ME.
    We were not created to have a pleasant and happy life in this way. We were created to live in harmony with The God Who Is, who has revealed Himself most clearly in Jesus. He will make us happy, but that should not be OUR focus. Pleasing God should be.
    For an excellent text on the value of rest from God’s perspective, see http://matthewsleethmd.com/books/24-6-2/. Good stuff on how and why to practice a Sabbath day of “stop.”


    1. There is no contradiction between taking time to pray or meditate on the words of God written in the bible while having rest simultaneously. When you feel better , You can help others more and there can be harmony between the two …

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      1. Sometimes , I feel that preserving the environment for the well-being of all creatures as much as we can help us feel more connected to God as well …Breathing fresh air is a great service to divinely created living beings …

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      1. While having a divinely inspired good motive . Helping others and caring to change lives for the better is definitely a great way to stay tuned in to the divine joy , love and righteousness. Love and light from Lebanon being mentioned in the bible as the land of cedars of God…


      2. Again, no problems with what you say here, except God did not create the polarity. That came because of free will. Your lack on knowledge of The Holy and what God is like is concerning to me. I only wish you the best that Father can give and do for you. If you would like to discuss this further, please email me at capost3k@gmail.com and perhaps we could Zoom sometime?

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      3. Maybe , polarity has been created but light prevails over darkness and love dominates over fear . Why was darkness created in the first place as some say ? Because we would not be aware of light without darkness or we could not be conscious of love if there were no fear …
        Polarity serves the greater good of all and clearer vision in the world …
        No one receives divine light more than his or her capacity .
        All the best …


      4. Polarity is not a “thing,” thus was not “created.” Polarity is a relationship of things created.
        However, darkness, emptiness, ignorance, etc are also not “real things.” These are the lack of things; light, substance, knowledge.
        The reverse of what you say is correct: we would not be aware of darkness unless we begin with light and then turn it off. Light is real; darkness is simply its absence.
        Love is CERTAINLY experienced by an infant who knows no fear or lack.
        God is the Source of all that is real; the devil comes only to destroy God’s reality.


      5. My friend, to understand as much as we are able to about The God Who Is you must put aside human philosophy and “spiritism.” The only source for growing in grace and knowledge of God is first of all the Bible.
        If you wish to study this I am happy to either recommend some study aids or speak with you on Zoom. I am genuinely concerned that you find eternal life which is only available through Jesus, the Christ.
        If you ever come to America, I would love to meet you.

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