Watch “10 Frugal Habits I Didn’t Know Were Fugal | Frugal Living Tips [Save Money]” on YouTube

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In this video , the speaker says that there are a lot of ways to realize to save more money for investments . Do not overspend on unnecessary things . Living frugally can help you live in a pleasant way .

In my opinion , Sometimes , less is more and overdoing things can be boring . Reducing expenses and investing more in not only assets like houses to rent out or resell or stocks to pay dividends and trade with , but also in your skill development, self-development, knowledge whether specialized or general do give you great opportunities and wonderful perspective on how to live more pleasantly . Examples of people knowing how to spend mindfully and to manage wisely resources while living joyfully and amazingly are several to see and hear about …Some people choose to work online while living in less expensive areas that they love …

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One thought on “Watch “10 Frugal Habits I Didn’t Know Were Fugal | Frugal Living Tips [Save Money]” on YouTube”

  1. As long as one is careful not to let money become his ‘god.’
    C.S.Lewis noted, ““Prosperity knits a man to the World. He feels that he is ‘finding his place in it’, while really it is finding its place in him. His increasing reputation, his widening circle of acquaintances, his sense of importance, the growing pressure of absorbing and agreeable work, build up in him a sense of being really at home on earth… You will notice that the young are generally more willing to die than the middle-aged and the old.”


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