7 thoughts on “The Spirit Of Self”

      1. What you say here is true. I fear for you, though, my friend, because if your syncretism. You seem to be espousing mutually exclusive theologies when you validate teachings of the Bible, yet assert pantheism.
        Like the Romans of Paul’s day, one could ‘add’ Jesus to the pantheon of the ‘gods’ and no one objected.
        But when Christ’s followers said simply that HE alone was the true God, and refused to worship the emperor, the sparks flew . . . from the fires of the burning martyrs.
        There is only one way to Heaven, one way to God, the free way of the Son, Jesus.


      2. Be joyful because God loves us unconditionally. If we male mistakes , God may punish us to discipline us but then God is all graceful and benevolent…


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