Everything is nothing and nothing is everything interchangeably…

Wisdom tells me that I am nothing. Love tells me that I am everything. Between the two, my life flows. “ ( A quote said by someone )

Wisdom tells you not to be identified to anything whether a thought , a material stuff or an emotion …Love tells you oneness of being with everything …This is the spaciousness or vast awareness where things ebb and flow , appear and disappear . Forms change and things change in that constant vast awareness…

All is one and one is all …This is found in a book called the law of one …

Nothing is everything and everything is nothing in oneness of being . All convey the divine wonders , infinite forms , colors and shapes beyond time And space physical reality…

6 thoughts on “Everything is nothing and nothing is everything interchangeably…”

  1. Btw, the quote is from Nisargadatta Maharaj. 🙂
    I wish it was true that God was in everything, but I have experienced His enemy, a fallen angel, in whom God is NOT. Nor is He in the things those who follow the fallen angel do.
    He is unlimited in power, wisdom, goodness, holiness, love, and time.
    However, for a season, He limited Himself to reveal to us as much as we could understand of Him, but coming into the world as Jesus.

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    1. Well , God has created the universe with polarities because we can not understand the light with no darkness , nor understand the ups without downs nor the good without its opposites .
      The divine unconditional love and unconditional consciousness are beyond the duality and polarity of the universe …


      1. But God did not create “polarities” of good and evil. Light and darkness, yes, as it was in the beginning in Genesis 1. Adam’s and Eve’s sin was to try to shortcut His revelation about evil, by finding it out for themselves. We can learn what is good without experiencing its opposite. We can never fully understand evil without experiencing it, but He never wanted us to experience the evil.
        The devil is not the opposite of God. He is only a created angel. Father’s intention is for us to live with Him in a New Heaven and New Earth without such polar opposites. Revelation 21. Good stuff to read! 🙂

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      2. The love of God allows some little bad to be experienced for the people to learn from mistakes and transcend while evolving .
        Otherwise , God would have created people as pure angels …Thank you for commenting …
        I get the concept of the new earth as people become more aware of who they are as extension of God presence and realizing the fleeting nature of this dream -like world …


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