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This is why it is said that trees are known by their fruits and people are known by their actions resulting or as a byproduct or output  from thoughts , emotions and intentions we input … You have a ripple effect in the world…
There is a verse in the Quraan that says that actions come from our intentions . ” انما الاعمال بالنيات “


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      1. Unfortunately, this is not true. The divine in Adolf Hitler? In the human trafficker? In the bacteria that killed a dear friend or relative?
        There is an objective reality in the universe, and He has revealed how and why He made the universe, and what went wrong and why.
        It seems pantheism is a thin veil of religion to make people feel good so they have “something” to thank for a beautiful sunrise, but gives no guidance on how to live for eternity.
        I wish you well and hope you discover Who the divine really is, and that you live eternally in His real presence. 😉


      2. The divine has both an immanent and transcendant aspects … The divine is timeless , spaceless ,
        eternal , formless , omniscient , omnibenevalent , indefinite, unlimited and omnipotent …
        Source of creation , omnipresent, invisible…


      3. The divine is also beyond all religions …
        The divine is beyond polarity of good and bad …just is all that is …
        Gives forms , shapes and colors causes everything without being a cause


  1. Hi, Eco (Wae?). I wonder if perhaps you have not experienced “real” evil? It is not possible to think that the Divine is neither good nor bad, when one has felt His goodness and experienced real evil opposed to Him.
    There is more to the universe than we can understand or experience but there are revelations, some of which you have quoted at times with links to other blogs, of what is pure and good.
    A close friend when we were in school, at 16 was raped by a young soldier going off to VietNam, and afterwards told her he would kill her if she revealed it. Another friend in Bangladesh was simply talking to his village about how Jesus loves and forgives, and for that he was shot seven times, dusted with dirt from the road and left for dead. Another found him, and now that he is back to health, he plans to go back to his village and tell them he has forgiven them as Jesus forgave him.
    Another aspect is to think too highly of ourselves as though we have not been guilty of any evil. “Well, I have not murdered anyone; I have not rioted or burned down someone’s means of living.”
    But our hearts are all far from God until He shines His perfect holy light into our darkness. Even Mother Teresa said something like, If I am not careful I could have become another Hitler.
    There is evil and there is good, objective realities which we must choose, or we may find ourselves on “the wrong side of the universe.”


    1. God’s love is unconditional and rises above the world of polarity.
      God’s slow to anger but quick to show grace and love…
      God created polarity for us to understand and for our scope of awareness to expand always …


    2. Something to mention tjat I do not think that God who is all benevolent, graceful and compassionate would burn any people in hell eternally though one gets what he or she gives and they get the results of their actions .
      Second question: could any religion including Christianity and Islam unite humanity as one . We are all one and as long as you are connected to the whole unlimited divinity , it is awesome and liberating…


      1. I highly recommend you read The Great Divorce by C.S.Lewis. In this short fiction, he proposes that “God” does not send anyone to hell; it is chosen.
        God is Light and Life and His universe operates on certain rules. If you jump off a housetop, He will probably let His rules about physics and gravity damage you.
        If God is really as some of us have discovered, He requires we forgive everyone who asks us for it. Some will NOT forgive, even if it means separation from the only source of Light and Life . . . and that separation is hell.
        Revelation describes people, who coming under His judgement, “refuse to repent” and curse Him. The idea is that if they just turn to Him, He will forgive and give them life. Anyone who wants joy, Heaven, life, peace, all the “good stuff” that really matters, cannot be stopped from finding it. But some will refuse to see it no matter how it is offered.
        We must trust Him to do what is right. 😉

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      2. No “religion” will ever unite humanity. Religion mostly is human attempts to find The God Who Is There. But He has been revealing Himself throughout time since Adam and Eve. Any who seek Him, He will guarantee that they will find Him.
        And He is good. 🙂

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