How stable is Bitcoin, why does BTC fluctuate, what affects its price and what can you do about it? – Bullion79

According to the article , Bitcoin and all kinds of cyrptocurrencies are volatile and can change their prices quickly due to many reasons .News can spread quickly , the internet allows people to sell or buy bitcoins quickly and immediately affecting the supply and demand and so the prices in a swift manner …The author advises all not to put all their eggs in one basket. In other terms , diversify your investments or allocation of financial resources no matter how much Bitcoin resembles the new Gold .Markets are sometimes unpredictable, Bitcoin can alter prices in a rapid or fast way in one direction or the other , whether up and down even if it is real Gold like wealth , so better to put in other things like other stocks ,bonds and / or real estate ( lands , houses or apartments ).

I.e : I am not a financial advisor or analyst to recommend to you any specific thing to invest in or buy or sell .In case , you want to open an online trading account to trade online or invest for the long term , you may read books or listen to videos online or get a mentor to help you learn in case you seek learning more and getting more experienced…


2 thoughts on “How stable is Bitcoin, why does BTC fluctuate, what affects its price and what can you do about it? – Bullion79”

  1. Bitcoins and digital money are also a simple ways for a government to control how one spends one’s own money.
    Jesus said to be ready, not get ready, not think about getting ready. BE ready. Matthew 25


    1. In this world , there is the good and the opposite …
      Light and darkness or any other polarity . It has always been that some seek power and wealth but
      If we can feel connection to the divine omnipresent eternal unlimited consciousness, we can shine more light , love and more righteousness in this world to the best of our abilities …

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