Watch “How to Reduce the Pain of Life | Arthur Schopenhauer” on YouTube

Greetings from Wael and forgive me for overposting today dear readers …

To summarize this 12-minutes video , the video talks about not being have very high expectations of always having joy and happiness…Life has both dark times and bright times , joy and pain , ease and difficulties.

It is how we perceive the world that gives us real happiness . The author recommends thinking about our health and something similar to balance between being over-indulged in pleasures and completely denying yourself . In a book called the art of being happy , for a German philosopher, it is recommended that you reduce pain as much as possible by not being so attached to the external world and so much luxury, fame , so much accumulation of wealth and pleasure while simultaneously caring for your health and pursuing what is necassary for your living …This is another way of saying that the kingdom of God is within you…The external world could not make you grateful to life unless you choose to . The outside world is a reflection of our inside world …

This book mentioned has ideas similar to a book called the equation to happiness…

As an example , yesterday , we finished planting a few small trees in a land inheritted from our ancestors and loving nature is really rewarding . Plant a tree and this activity not only benefits the environment but makes you have some physical activity , interact with nature peacefully and breath fresh air.A cuddly dog , that is raised by some of our relatives ,;followed us and stayed with us as we were walking . Really amazing to return to nature , plant trees , preserve diverse life elements as much as you can , live with virtue and flourish ( An idea recommended in the video …)

A pool in Dubai

Have a good day and live the way that brings you inner peace , divine guidance , light and love and everything else comes as a byproduct…


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