Sometimes, less is more

       One of the purpose of spirituality and all religions  is to pursue only things that are necessary for livelihood …Nothing lasts forever except the divine love so do not be attached to this physical world except for what is essential to live by…
     I read yesterday a summary of a book that sometimes less is more and learning to declutter your living space to keep only what is essential. In other words, less is more and he left a job which pays the author a lot of money.Despite  the previously high paying job ,  after leaving it , the author turned happier because he has more time for himself …As the bible says , we do not live by bread alone …The kingdom of heaven is within you …You may live as you wish if you find your purpose in your own way but with freedom comes responsibility…You get what you give whether directly or indirectly…Pursuing materialistic wealth is not for free because everything has its own price . Be aware that inner peace , love and health are priceless …This is what really matters eternally …Life forms are like fleeting shows that come and go to trans-form …

This is twilight …After the sunset , comes the dusk twilight and then the night …After the night comes a dawn and so the morning sun light but nothing is constant except the changeless formless divinity …



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