Animals are helpful and even life-saving …

Once there was a person talking and this took place in the USA as far as remembered …A man and his son adopted a cat or they raised a cat …Once they were sleeping in their house and the cat was with the in the house …A fire started inside the house for one reason or the other , so the cat started making loud sounds or something like repeated meow , meow , meow until the cat woke them up …Then ,they stood up to put out the fire…I do not remember though if they quenched the fire themselves or they called fire fighters , but the moral of the story is that animals are helpful and sometimes they save their human friends …

Another thing that is very important about animals is that they help balance nature ….The goats , not only give people milk , but also help fertiluze trees and plants .They clean the forests and bushes of dead plants, so the risk of forest fires become less … Moreover , all kinds of animals help alleviate depression and anxiety because some animals are so friendly and loving …These are some of the nenefits of animals …


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