As the Bible say ” Be still and know I am God “

As Eckhart Tolle says tap into the spaciousness or stillness or consciousness that could watch your thinking mind and be aware of it …
It is said like do  not overthink and live simply .Do  not be so attached to the outcome or fruits of your action .

To clarify that sometimes not getting what you want exactly may be a blessing in disguise , so see the silver lining in every situation…

Twilight stillness …

Example , that sometimes people who are somehow difficult to deal with could teach you lessons to become wiser and more confident and /or relaxed …

Accept whatever the present moment takes and be the best version of yourself… Relax from time to time after you feel intuitively guided…
The Bible says :” Be still and know I am God. “
Meditate and the best answers come when you relax and allow the best you to emerge or unfold …Some thinkers,  scientists and managers get inspired to make good choices , plans or decisions  when they rest in a relaxed quiet room alone …As said :” still water runs deep .”

There is nothing like silence and peace…

Be blessed dear readers

Wael from Lebanon


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