Watch “How to Make a Country Rich” on YouTube

In this video , the author talks about the discontents and misery of richlands and modernization . Though , not all the he talks about is 100 percent true abd it is an over generalization , one must know that wealth is not only in the money or materialistic wealth like cars , money or high income but in health , inner peace regardless of all outer conditions and physchological well being . Spirituality is a great wealth and you could be a middle income person living a very simple life joyfully and lovingly contributing to the goidness of the world .If you feel peaceful and kindly help someone who feels hopless become hopful , uplifted and optimistic, then this is great spiritual non-physical wealth that can not be stolen . You may inspire others in this life limitlessly and spiritual wealth is unlimited to give from . I think being helpful as much as you can is limitlessly wealthy .

God or the infinite intelligence of the universe expanding endlessly is the true wealth . Spirituality could include any religious or non-religious beliefs that give you peace and love …

You are not wealthy if you own the wealth of the world worth trillions or even thousands of billions of dollars but you feel unhappy or unworthy from within …Even if you have the mind of Albert Einstein or the scientific achievements of Einstein or Isaac Newton but you do not ferl inner peace and fulfillment within , then it would be much better to find spirituality anywhere …as an example , in a book called the Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robbin Sharma, a brilliant very rich and hardworking lawyer felt void inside despite his wealth . He intuitively felt the need to find spiritual fulfillment or enlightenment in a village called Sivana in the Himalayan mountains in India where he met some spiritual teachers who taught him wisdom and helped him find enlightenment within himself …

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