Ways to make more money …

Like any other country , many ways can be done to be more productive efficient and effective in your financial goal. Some

Of these ways are :

  1. Learn new skills like computer skill such as typing and programming, which you can use to make services and earn money.

2. Give private lessons in English and sciences.

3 . Take care of your health by eating healthy food and exercising as good health saves you a lot of money.

4 . Help the poor as much as possible out of love because this will open up for you blessings and mercy from the divine will .

5 . Save in the bank at least 7 percent of what you earn in the bank as there will be accumulation of money with time.There would be a compounding effect . You could save in online banks that are trusted like allied bank that give at least 2 percent to cover inflation …

6 . Try to make some factories that make recycling as this is in demand in Lebanon. Collecting and selling raw materials like metals and glass here to local factories or for exports from wastes produce money.

7. Some Italian and French industrial companies especially cosmetic products said that the weather in Lebanon is suitable to bring up some snails that they would buy if produced in certain quantities. Moreover , many unused areas can be used to grow some fast growing trees that can be used for exports later on.

8. Buy some lands that May rise in price later on especially when the political situation calms down in Syria and peace resolution is achieved in the region ( Middle East ).

9 . Make some websites on the internet or videos on youtube that may offer demanded information and can consequently lead to many visitors coming and leading you to earn money from advertising.

10. Try not to spend on unnecessary things and only buy what is necessary. If you get enough money , you can save or buy some stocks internationally through some Financial institutions that have branches here in Lebanon . The more you earn dividends and save money, the more you can buy stocks or shares but sure for companies you trust.Do your own research and get council from some experts …

11. Specialized physiotherapists could earn a decent income because people are becoming aware of their positive influence on general health …

12 . Building some touristic resorts like hotels beach resorts and swimming pools and giving affordable prices are goid ways to make money here due to the strategic location of the country and moderate Mediterranean climate. We are lucky that hurricanes are quite rare in the Mediterranean sea region. ..
Everything requires some research ,development , persistence and some insight …


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