Watch “Aligning Being & Doing For Joyful Creation” on YouTube

In this brief video , Eckhart Tolle explains that you are beyond your ego

As a spiritual being . You go beyond doing ,and thinking into being and this is why you are called human being . You tap into your unconditioned consciousness of being

Like being joyful and present in the now here rehardless of outer circumstances . You do not externalize your being the joy and present into something you achieve or manifest . Instead you are joyful , resourceful from within regardless …

He adds that even when you attain or achieve what you want , it may or may not give you except a temporary relief . Okay , it is important to take action and think but being inspired ir present in the moment is a deeper eternal spiritual dimension within you .Even millions of dollars do not guarantee your happiness and inner peace . True happiness is from within .However , inner peace and inner happiness takes care of the rest especially if you do and be your best version of yourself. Thus , the kingdom of God is within you.

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